Monday, January 24, 2011

Ecommerce Solution with Application Development Offers Ecommerce Solution with Application Development supporting Distributed Delivery Environment

Techwave Caters to Multi-tiered Ecommerce Solution Offering Application Development

Techwave brings in effective ecommerce solution by introducing its mature application maintenance process as services offered worldwide at considerably reduced prices.

Techwave offers ecommerce solution with mature application maintenance process, which allows effective capture and reporting resolution of maintenance requests. This readily available ecommerce solution supports a distributed delivery environment involving division of work between various organizations totally depending upon the criticality of the requests.

“We have a distributed delivery system governed and monitored by SLA framework under well-defined and mature production support management process to effectively capture, report and resolve issues. This is in relation to the application development as one reliable ecommerce solution for you, readily available online, taking care of requests management, management of incidents, processes request, working around deployment of patches, resolution and root cause analysis. There are different tiers of expert team divided in a multi-tier ecommerce solution delivery environment catering to worldwide services with ecommerce solution application development with phases defined with metrics and subsequently tracked with the web-based tools effectively used by our customers.” As said by Andy Anand, CEO,

With this reliable and flexible ecommerce solution, techwave team has more reasons to celebrate their accomplishment. Techwave team of expertise uses a global delivery model for application development, offers ecommerce solution that involves knowledge acquisition and retention, uses matrix organization structure for using the required expertise in a particular application development, keeps track of the SLAs norms using web tools and last but not the least, focuses on re-usability of the application development ecommerce solution. This in turn reduces cycle time and costs involved in developing an application., the ecommerce outsourcing company situated at Pomona California caters to critical business needs through effective ecommerce solution offered with application development services that supports distributed delivery environment thereby reducing time and costs involved and providing with a more flexible multi-tiered ecommerce solution.