Saturday, July 31, 2010

Create Online Store Feature- Take note of the Essentials to Include

The World Wide Web is soon becoming an emerging virtual market bringing in profits for the store owners and create online store feature available virtually is far better than planning to own or rent a retail store that needs you to go high on the budget for the retail space and other things that might exceed your budget. Then why not go for an online store that sells more than you expected?

Online Store Builder, Create Online Store
Online Store Builder with a Secure Admin

All you need is a website to display the products to sell and a secure admin to deal with for easy transaction procedures that will eventually drive more traffic and everybody loves the easy way out. For a website of your own what you need is a reliable web host that lets your business integrate with profitable features that will make your store the one mostly visited at hence giving value to the hard cash invested. A web host can help launch online stores and e-commerce sites for free or for a small monthly fee through it’s create online store feature.

Now look into the essentials for the online store- Make sure that the web host that offers create online store feature must have the online shopping cart feature readily available for the e-store built. The package offered in the create online store must comprise of advanced website hosting product, sale and inventory management, store design and configuration with easy-to-use site setup, design wizards, extended pre-designed themes and color templates thereby making the task all the more easy by eliminating complex issues. Take into heed that the create online store feature should provide viable sources to market the store and the products offered and must be able to generate discount, data feed capability in Google, news letter feature, news statistics, SEO and more.

Customization of the store after its setup according to user requirements is the next important aspect to concentrate upon in the create online store feature and is one of the pre-requisites of modern online stores. Display your products online through the pre-designed free shopping cart templates with templates to select and in different colors and patterns and get it published almost instantly via the create online store service. Hence, making it anyone’s job to design the whole site without the knowledge of HTML coding with a more professional shopping cart template with a graphical user interface and with flash presentations.

The ecommerce administration of the create online store must stand at par as it is the most important area that is remarkable with features that are very beneficial for e-businessmen. Users can look at the maximum IP hits to ascertain the number of visitors, take care of the invoice processing to know the status of any order at one click. The product settings of the create online store must enable the user to add and manage products in store, must find it feasible to manage vendors and do brand setting as well. The create online store must have integration features with order manager, payment gateway and quick book and the most popular eBay integration. Hence, fully customize the online product view through create online store feature according to user choice and on-demand products.

Therefore, starting a store or a business online would definitely prove to be a worthwhile investment and a very profitable entrepreneurial venture and the create online store is the best option available to get personalized store in a minute.

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Online Store Builder with Free Trial- Launched at Ecommerce Techwave

All requirements for a customizable and user friendly e-store, are fulfilled at with create online store feature with admin registration and back office solutions with other store attributes that are accessible online.

Create Online Store in a Minute

Ecommerce Techwave, launches flexible and user friendly ecommerce store builder to create online store in a minute and make it functional to bring in guaranteed profits and higher returns. The create online store feature is inclusive of category section with invoice setting option and all features available for back office sales operations, inventory solutions with category display, product setting with add and manage product option, vendor management, eBay integration, marketing, store setting attributes, design and other settings for Admin user membership, shipping attribute setting, sales tax feature, roll permission and invoice setting.

As per the CEO of Ecommerce Techwave, "The create online store is the first thing you get to see the moment you enter the site with the user friendly Ecommerce shopping cart available. The online store builder at comes to its users with the most easy to use setup wizard to get going in a minute to set up the online store with the option to get selective on the templates displayed and the entire customization of the store taking place within 15 minutes. Techwave Ecommerce provides with design enhancements that are made available as part of the templates to choose from to change the look and skin of your store. It is something catering to the needs of the users with the all essentials to ecommerce available on signing up."

The free trail for the create online store and the ecommerce shopping cart is available for 15 days and other plans to choose from for a profitable store front for the store developers to add their respective products or services to the online store, add customer reviews, order report, peruse the invoice status of cancelled and shipped invoices, set top categories and products, brand name setting, logo setting, page text and page control setting through the online store builder.

The create online store feature is accessible only at Sign up to avail free trail for 15 days.

Ecommerce techwave launched online store builder with free trial

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ecommerce Techwave Offers Fully Integrable Salesforce CRM and Free Shopping Cart with Inventory Control

Ecommerce Software, Free Shopping Cart, Ecommerce Solutions Ecommerce Techwave emerges with its scalable and cost effective CRM solutions with a fully integrative web based Salesforce CRM services with its customizable free shopping cart with inventory control and other viable admin features to implement. The company brings in Web CRM rather than the traditional CRM solutions which is also known as online, hosted and on demand CRM solutions. With it comes the downloadable free shopping cart version with customized admin features along with store setting attributes, Admin user registration, add, edit and search criteria and multi store setting option with online and custom shipping criteria’s defined for good and inventory control and management of multiple product option combinations, user defined with advanced search capabilities to help materialize profitable e-business.

"It is CRM revolution coming to you on a cloud computing platform with technology solutions combining business processes to capture and organize communication and information relevant to critical business aspects in customer relationship management. The company offers a free shopping cart with Salesforce CRM on cloud computing platform to provide with the deliverables with commitment to privacy and security of the customers. This integration of Salesforce with the free shopping cart gets you ready and running in 30 days with the world most proven technology at your hands." As said by the CEO of

As per the technical expertise at Ecommerce Techwave, CRM solution involves many different areas of your company, starting with sales and also paying heed to other customer interactive areas such as marketing and minding the budget at the same time. The company offers Salesforce CRM Solutions for Sales & Marketing, Activity Management, service and support. A rich foundation for integrating and the very own developer’s free shopping cart at

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Ecommerce Techwave Offers Integrated Ecommerce Solutions with Business Intelligence Solutions

Ecommerce Solutions, Free Shopping Cart, Ecommerce Software As the need to automate business and make it all the more user friendly is regarded as a crucial business objective, proves worthwhile by bringing in integrated Ecommerce Solutions, unique product listing through eBay and Ecommerce Solutions with round the clock online support and security features right on offer for all those internet enthusiast aiming to profit out of their e-businesses.

The Ecommerce Solutions at are in with other user friendly features fully integrated with SAP Business Objects BI OnDemand Ecommerce Solutions in a software-as-a-service model so as to explore, identify report and share data in minutes. As is claimed by the ecommerce solution provider, it is the one integrated ecommerce solution for a complete view of the business, with decision making processes with on time intimidation and a time saver self- service BI.

According to Mr. Andy Anand, CEO of Ecommerce Techwave, "Complete Ecommerce Solutions is catered to in a single integrated software environment with powerful search and browse functionality for an all together advanced searching and browsing to find the information you need, then there are features such as ad hoc reporting, on-time reporting to schedule and share data, reports, or dashboards quite securely, SaaS feature to go on fast and running quickly without software or hardware installation and more features with business-specific offers across specific line-of-business uses through partner collaborations.”

He further commented on the valuable avenues to effective business open to clients through eBay integration at "What more? With you are surely going to be on the right track. You get to watch, sell and bid for products listed in EBay which is categorized in the just manner, letting buyers to know about the availability of a product in the most innovative manner. For a product to sell on eBay, it needs to stand out from the competition. This includes the price as well as the kind of service, guarantees and feedback associated with it. We are therefore benefitting almost all businesses and are aware of such things and very well know that is crucial for a business to satisfy critical business needs. We have the most reliable Ecommerce Solutions with online support and security measures implemented for good with premium hosting, SSL security, PCI compliance, firewall security, guaranteed 24/7 scanning and monitoring, power backups and secure data centers."

As per the noted testimonials clients in search of flexible Ecommerce Solutions, are happy with the storefront that they get to create along with a free shopping cart. They find it to be automating business to the utmost level with a flexible storefront design, Ecommerce Solutions with inventory control, order management, customer relationship management and Web analytics.

The online support system as part of the Ecommerce Solutions at, provides with the benefit of 24/7 in house live support as one is undertaking the not so nerve raking transaction at as is said by the technical team at Techwave. There is the advantage of placing order by phone, live chat with the technical support personnel dealing with pre-sales questions as well, direct mail processing, e-mails and fax correspondence, literature requests and access to training videos and the necessary feature option with utmost security for your servers, database, e-mail accounts, admin section and payment systems are all available at and additional info is attainable by a call at 909-634-3900.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Ecommerce Techwave Introduced Revolutionized eBay Marketplace and a Free Shopping Cart Integrated with Enhanced Marketing Options

Free Shopping Cart, Ecommerce Solutions Ecommerce Techwave brings in a Free Shopping Cart version with marketing options to deal with the marketing needs by its latest offer that comes with a fully featured developer’s Free Shopping Cart for a recognizable much valued position in the World Wide Web. There are value added marketing ecommerce solutions that provides with a respectable ranking in search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Along with it there is the profitable eBay integration to revolutionize the assorted marketplace that proves to the world with its large enough market for selling almost anything with specialty sites to access and the feasibility to view, sell and bid items listed online via eBay. All this and more along with the download of a Free Shopping Cart software.

"Its something totally revolutionized for our online business minded people out there. The one for your intangibles and to auction off services as well. Thanks to eBay and for integrating Techwave storefront created online with eBay stores for world wide listing of the items to be sold. We therefore, provide our most privileged client and customer to be at one place to sell and buy products. eBay integration at is an all together beneficial feature to bring together the buyers and sellers internationally with multi-international companies such as IBM selling the latest products and services using competitive auctions and fixed-priced seller stores." As told by the CEO, Ecommerce Techwave, in a recent press meet.

Ecommerce development team has the experience of automating eBay elements comprising of product listing with best offer showcase, retrieving latest listing as given in eBay and third party listing as well. The eBay integration with the Free Shopping Cart also allows regional access and searches made into the database for quick and less expensive shipping. Everybody collaborating with is therefore invited to take part in the integration process as part of the Free Shopping Cart provided.

Additionally, with every download of a free version of the developers Free Shopping Cart there is more to benefit out of it. There are enhanced marketing options available with the Free Shopping Cart enabling search engine optimization, product listing, viral marketing, keyword generation and content modification with keyword inclusion, dynamically generated HTML pages, customized checkout, discounting, reporting and updating facility.

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