Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ecommerce Techwave Offers Fully Integrable Salesforce CRM and Free Shopping Cart with Inventory Control

Ecommerce Software, Free Shopping Cart, Ecommerce Solutions Ecommerce Techwave emerges with its scalable and cost effective CRM solutions with a fully integrative web based Salesforce CRM services with its customizable free shopping cart with inventory control and other viable admin features to implement. The company brings in Web CRM rather than the traditional CRM solutions which is also known as online, hosted and on demand CRM solutions. With it comes the downloadable free shopping cart version with customized admin features along with store setting attributes, Admin user registration, add, edit and search criteria and multi store setting option with online and custom shipping criteria’s defined for good and inventory control and management of multiple product option combinations, user defined with advanced search capabilities to help materialize profitable e-business.

"It is CRM revolution coming to you on a cloud computing platform with technology solutions combining business processes to capture and organize communication and information relevant to critical business aspects in customer relationship management. The company offers a free shopping cart with Salesforce CRM on force.com cloud computing platform to provide with the deliverables with commitment to privacy and security of the customers. This integration of Salesforce with the free shopping cart gets you ready and running in 30 days with the world most proven technology at your hands." As said by the CEO of ecommerce.techwave.com.

As per the technical expertise at Ecommerce Techwave, CRM solution involves many different areas of your company, starting with sales and also paying heed to other customer interactive areas such as marketing and minding the budget at the same time. The company offers Salesforce CRM Solutions for Sales & Marketing, Activity Management, service and support. A rich foundation for integrating and the very own developer’s free shopping cart at ecommerce.techwave.com.

Take the trial of the Online Demo Store and the Demo Admin Panel at http://ecommerce.techwave.com.

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