Friday, January 11, 2013

Online E-commerce Solutions to Better Manage Inventory

Advanced online E-commerce solutions and the shopping  cart software help you to create fully customized e store with new products and services for better opportunities for profit generated online business. The online shopping cart software can integrate with the existing customer sites and make buying and selling of products easy through shipping tables with FedEx, UPS Canada post, online catalog, integrated storefront management tools and a cart solution that takes care of the inventory.

The Inventory module is demarcated into various categories that help in the proper inventory management and assessment of the stocks available. Organizations strive to excel with optimized inventory management with a shipping calculator, stock analyzer, payment gateways, built in shipping and tax calculator, tax calculation, invoicing, accounting and a flawless checkout page. The ERP system of the E-commerce software allows complete management of inventory with up to date stock information, accurate tracking of orders and more.

Following are the advanced features available with the E-commerce Software :-

¨       One can now generate automatic emails to the vendors for the purchase order.
¨       The affiliate commission report tracks all the sales and the traffic generated by the affiliates.
¨       The powerful software of allows people to advertise your business for you and in return you give them a percentage of all sales generated.
¨       Stocks are added and updated in different sizes.
¨       The product alert bestseller report allows all new products to carry the new graphic, like product, item, customer, category, size and color with the chart.
¨       The product stock is submitted and we can also see the updated stock between dates.
¨       The product alert report enables the user to generate a specific purchase order of specific products.
¨’s online shopping cart software gives the forecast for the quarter, semi quarter and the yearly profit status on the basis of the present sales.
¨       As one of the processes of inventory management there is provision of plus bar code technology for automated inventory control of multiple product option combinations.
¨       Stock reports are highly customizable to show actual quantity in stock or what is out of stock etc.
¨       The back end enables the sales representative to know how much commission he will get for each product.
¨       An individual page has its complete in-depth sales report along with a combine one which relates to the whole site.
¨       A particular product code is selected and thereby through this option we can see the specific product stock report by selecting the product code. We can also search by vendor name and by product name.
¨       Clients can send purchase orders to vendors and can analyze the purchase order of current stocks between two dates.

Online E-commerce solutions have an inventory that integrates with the shopping cart software available in selective packages offered to the client. This E-commerce software also specializes in B2B&C services thus providing sales order report, total inventory management, Accounts, Live chat, CRM, Sales Analysis accounts receivables, account payable, general ledger, invoicing and shipping, sales representatives, purchase order management, web Integration to name a few.