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Online Shopping Cart with New Enhanced Features- Expect More in

There is more to integrate and make e-business an easy process. Modern, user friendly online shopping cart is there with more enhanced features in store to make e-business profitable. A total comprehensive risk free e-commerce environment at

Techwave online shopping cart is improving day by day and the performance bar rising. is now offering services to further enhance website's power to undertake profitable e-commerce. No risk is involved with Techwave online shopping cart with easy configurable option available to set up the product page in less than a minute and start taking orders right away. The online shopping cart will be full functional and actual orders can be placed, which is safe and sound in your email box.

The Vice President of, Mr. Andy Anand, speaks about the modern user friendly online shopping cart and is confident about the enhanced features of the online shopping cart at Techwave to satisfy numerous e-businesses world wide. Adding further to what was commented he said, "We at Techwave are confident that the features of the online shopping cart is a great way of making shopping online fun and easy with a single page check out, online shopping cart to fill in shipping details and address details with the payment mode details on a single page and is therefore, a complete time saver. The online shopping cart is equipped with the best available security measures like firewall, password protective administrative access, complete user details with activation and deactivation, viewing and adding the products in the wish list, almost 50 payment gateway integration with the online shopping cart, discount coupons, enhanced reporting, different layouts for the cart and checkout and the shipping calculator."

Many e commerce based websites have added the shopping cart on to their e commerce platform and are implementing the online shopping cart utility to their e commerce websites which is a necessity today. If you want that your item should be sent somewhere else with your address book it can do with a click. Shoppers can store an unlimited number of addresses in a personal address book. More info attainable at, the e-commerce solution online, has its head office at Pomona, California, now brings in new, improved and enhanced online shopping cart features for expert handling of orders and time and money saving e-commerce.

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Leader in E-commerce Solutions Now Offers Oracle Support

Online Shopping Cart, Ecommerce Solution, Shopping Cart Software, along with ready customized e-commerce solution offers guaranteed Oracle support with its team of database administrators to work for better results., the online e-commerce solution provider, offers online oracle support for both small and big businesses world wide with host of advanced features for Oracle Database Administration and Development of flexible and flawless world wide e-business.

"Our services guarantee success in all aspects of Oracle database administration, Oracle platform and Oracle database application server with loads of other technical capabilities like Oracle Database with SQL, PL/SQL, object capabilities with a knowledgeable technical team on service to resolve database management intricacies 24 hours a day in order to provide ready e-commerce solutions." says CEO,, the e-commerce solution provider caters to clients with advanced oracle server, remote DBA services, server hosting, porting various applications to the Oracle platform, oracle outsourcing, staffing, Oracle EBS, Data migration, prevention of SQL injection, disaster recovery, backup recovery, Oracle Server Hosting, Data Warehousing, Database Security, Oracle installation, Staffing, performance tuning and consulting services. Oracle-California offers a more flexible, faster and more affordable development processes that guarantees all time success of e-businesses.

The technical support offered at is into full performance analysis, three tier Oracle application server configuration and troubleshooting, analytical system development, maintenance and up to the minute ready oracle support and assistance in solving database management intricacies on a 24/7 basis. A visit for e-commerce solution and oracle support is worth while at, the leader in profitable e-commerce solution spread over a wide arena of e-businesses world wide present with full oracle support with expert skills incorporated into flawless database management, installation with utmost security services guaranteed. brings in Online Shopping Cart Software with Customized E-commerce Solutions

The shopping cart at now comes with fully customizable e-commerce solutions with guaranteed profits that are achievable to the utmost with easy payment procedures, fully functional shopping carts and reliable back office support. has the most comprehensive and profit oriented customized ecommerce solution that keeps pace the speedy changes predominant in the e-commerce world, making clients to move ahead with new business approach that is quick, independent and economical. It is therefore quite essential to find the right ecommerce customized solution. provides with e-commerce solution in the most comprehensive manner along with the shopping cart software enabling easy check out process and smooth money transactions through internet payment processors such as merchant accounts like link point generating direct sales and validity of payments ascertained in quick easy steps.

The Vice President of, comments on the e-commerce solution offered and says, "We offer independence in the form of the "bundled" carts that come with website hosting. It is scary to think that, "What if the website host stops working and with it the online shopping cart also becomes non-functional?" With, there is no need of the anxiety because no matter wherever one goes, shopping cart will keep on working, even during transitional periods with full Back Office Support Solutions." facilitates easy set up of e-store with built in shopping cart software available in just a fraction of seconds by a simple click. Electronic products can be downloaded which is especially fruitful for the customers who are willing to sell PDF documents, software files, images, e-books etc. On purchase, the link goes to the customers who can then download it. In this way the electronic products get delivered automatically without much of a fuss. But incase a problem arises, there is a person at the helpdesk to assist with the online shopping cart software of which is a complete ecommerce solution that provides back office support with a support personnel to guide through in each and every task undertaken. The project managers and engineers at are the best in the industry for developing drivers, applications, and algorithms along with testing of the software by qualified testers. More detailed info is attainable at is a California based company which now presents with total customized online shopping cart software. E-business at is easy with e-store creation in 60 seconds with full backend support.

Inventory Management Solutions with the Online Shopping Cart and Quality E-commerce Hosting Now at, the e-commerce solution provider in with the most sophisticated inventory management solutions with more than 700 satisfied online customers. As part of the advanced e-commerce solution, the inventory management procedure generates automatic emails to the vendors for the purchase order that is PO to the vendor. The product alert bestseller report allows all new products to carry the new graphic, like product, item, customer, category, size and color with chart.

Mr. Andy Anand for gives us more information of the complete inventory management e-commerce solution. He further adds to it and says, "Customized stock reports show actual quantity in stock or what is out of stock etc. The back end enables the sale representatives to know how much commission he will get for each product. An individual page has its complete in-depth sales report along with a combine one which relates to the whole site."’s online shopping cart software gives the forecast for the quarter, semi quarter and the yearly profit status on the basis of the present sales. As one of the processes of inventory management there is provision of plus bar code technology for automated inventory control of multiple product option combinations.

Techwave is into reliable E-Commerce Hosting with advanced data import and export capabilities with the ability to import any spreadsheet or database. The data centers takes care of the daily backups with 24/7 monitoring and live chat online. More insights on this and on other e-commerce solutions are available at, a Californian e-commerce solution provider, outwits the others in the run for bringing in a total customized e-commerce solution. It has the most revolutionized inventory management and provides with e-commerce hosting that serves fruitful in the long run with greater returns. Visit for more information at

Techwave Diversified Online Shopping Cart- Offered with Interactive E-commerce Solutions

E-commerce solution are now available with diversified online shopping cart with search engine optimization capabilities and flexible payment options.

Interactive E-Commerce Solutions are now attainable with diversified online shopping cart through that can integrate with the existing customer sites with facilities like HTML code generator tool. presents you today’s most comprehensive shopping cart solution, delivering the diversified range of features and functionality including advanced search engine optimization capabilities in an intuitive, user-friendly environment that offers simplified easy to use administration. Additionally this online shopping cart is built on a powerful, fully-integrated platform to optimize performance and ensure the highest security. Techwave helps their clients and business partners to manage their business and to give them complete comparison report for their efficiency and turnout times against the predefined service level agreements.

"Configure your cart, set up the product page on your site, and start taking orders right away. All you need is HTML and skills to put together some basic pages. Your online shopping cart will be full functional and actual orders can be placed, which is safe and sound in your email box." Says Mr. Andy Anand, Vice President,

At, the online shopping cart is available with 50 payment gateways to make payment processing an easy cup of tea including the PayPal payment option. Multiple online Payment option accepts credits cards on line and also have checks online. Shopstorenow Ecommerce software is integrated with over 42 gateways. The online shopping cart is integrated with PayPal IPN, which provides an easy way for customer's to pay via PayPal. Your store is automatically notified of any PayPal payments. PayPal can be accepted in addition to having a merchant account, or as a stand-alone solution for accepting payments through your ecommerce software.

The create online store feature has bunch of new advanced feature with a free trial version for 15 days letting e-businesses work with utmost customer friendliness and reliability with less costs incurred and more profits gained. The newly created E-store feature with diversified online shopping cart as an essential characteristics, get optimized to becomes search engine friendly and eventually has a good standing in the Google page rank. The ecommerce shopping cart of will optimize the keywords used along with the provision of backend support like Invoice Management, Shipping, Sales Tax etc. for its customers and attaching existing sites with the shopping cart. More details are now available at, the leader in e-commerce solution has the most diversified of all online shopping cart with new automated e-business features that have proven themselves cut above the rest with load of advanced features.

Wholesale Distribution and Inventory Management Software Launched at

online shopping cart, free shopping cart, shopping cart software Techwave brings in advanced warehouse distribution and inventory management software along with ERP software adaptable to automated business styles and latest concepts that meet up with customer demands., the Californian e-commerce company caters to e-business needs with inbuilt wholesale distribution and inventory management software making e-business a fine job to do. Techwave.Com has now launched the software that is totally designed for companies to which it caters and is therefore customized according to individual processes and needs. With experienced team backing, systems are designed and software development takes place in 6 weeks with the flexibility of devoting longer periods depending upon the needs of the clientele. Designed in .Net and Oracle as database with the world leading distribution companies, the software can be loaded and hosted on servers with world wide access by the team working on it. has the much needed distribution and manufacturing e-commerce solutions for over 20 years serving customers in around 44 countries.

The Vice president,, MR Andy Anand, brings into light the benefits of this recently launched software and says, "The instinctive warehouse management software and the inventory management software program enable our clients to use the expenditure of the warehouse thereby saving the cost that is incurred in excess inventory on hand. Both management systems ensure that you have what you need, when you need it, to meet customer needs as well as market expectations. In addition to our high performance distribution software, software consulting and training is provided with which we deliver measurable value and tangible results to our clients." provides with ERP software with better perspective of the supply chain processes top-ranked by AMR Research team. Wholesale distribution software as part of the integrated supply chain management system is designed with the distribution executive in mind with ERP software that is powerful equipped with modern sales and logistics system which incorporates the latest concepts and business processes along with the shopping cart software solutions. The warehouse distribution software creates and links purchase orders that meets with customer's demand without the need of additional warehouses. Investment can be done in relation to the warehouse space and inventory and that too according to customer’s need. Upgrade with the warehouse distribution management system with distribution ERP software enhanced by the wholesale distribution software with full access to inventories which is the perfect solution catered to at with reports that are customized for managerial use. is therefore worth a visit for a full analysis of software features and functionality and shipping management features.

Techwave.Com is a California based company dealing in the development of websites for profitable e-commerce solutions. E-business is now exercised with new automated business styles that have proven themselves as a landmark in the e-commerce world making clients to move ahead with new business styles in half the time than expected.

Shopping Cart Software Integration - The Chosen Effective Method for Profitable E-commerce

It is a run for being the most visited site among the e-commerce ventures out there with a more secure, comprehensive and profit oriented shopping cart and existing websites can integrate with third party shopping cart software thereby saving time and money on building a new website.

A shopping cart solution, the most important and integral technology used for steady e-commerce, allows your customer to add products to a virtual add to cart basket and can continue shopping and then checkout and pay securely through online payment processors. Shopping cart gets implemented either in the e-commerce webmaster’s own website or by purchasing a third party shopping cart software. If you are new to e-business it is advisable to make the choice on the basis of the ability of the shopping cart software to setup the store (payment solutions, shopping costs, etc), Add/Update Products, Process Orders, View Store Statistics and Reports, manage customers, the invoice created and many other vital characteristics essential to take heed off. The shopping cart software should define categories and products, manage them and create categories and sub categories, there must be the bulk upload option, target market selection based on changing criteria’s, a total comprehensive inventory management and vendor management. Above all the shopping cart software for your website should have a powerful admin and provide with ultimate backend support. It should be the responsibility of the third party shopping cart software provider to guarantee profits to come to the e-commerce venture that integrates itself with the shopping cart software.

Shopping cart software process allows you to integrate with your chosen billing gateway or provider and collect the payment detail from the customer. This feature helps the company to accept the consumer's credit card payment directly and with Paypal payment procedures that are directed to the gateway site with the most secure payment processing assured. Ensure that the shopping cart software should not miss-out on having the preferred source of payment online. So it is wise to choose the correct set up of shopping cart software that makes you take less of the stress and more of the profits. It is therefore, essential to go for the one that offers maximum number of services or products online.

How to Integrate?

E-business people willing to integrate with the shopping cart software provided today need to insert four lines of simple Html codes and also put to use the HTML Code Generator Tool to generate the lines of code required to insert in your existing website. The integration becomes anyone’s job thus saving the cost incurred to hire programmers and designers to meet with website intricacies.

The shopping cart software, therefore, has loads of advanced features like, list of pre-defined templates to choose in order to display products in the most innovative manner, payment gateway solutions, backend and admin support. The shopping cart software packages available online can thereby provide you with a total result oriented software with several add-on benefits.

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Ecommerce solution for the Business customer with Secure Transactions

Ecommerce solution is the way of the future, expand your market place, increase sales, work less and increase your revenue. Globalization can be considered as another factor that has contributed to the development of the offshore ecommerce business.

The ecommerce solution should be such that it is simple for the visitor or prospective customer to understand and also operate. For an ecommerce site it is important to make available to the prospective customer an option regarding the mode of payment for the purchase made or else with so many sites having very attractive offers you will fail to generate any kind of interest. Security is another important consideration for the customer and thus, in turn it ranks high in priority for you.

E commerce solution success lies in being part of the consideration list by ensuring visibility to buyers looking for products. Ensuring total automation helps in reserving expensive human resources for better utilization in strategically business.

E commerce solutions for small business focus on the software to enable e commerce on the site. Web hosting, security, shopping cart, credit card processing are important features to form a successful e commerce solution for small business.

There are a few basic ecommerce solution options for accepting credit cards online. You can open a merchant account through your bank, use an internet-based broker, use a fulfillment house to process your orders, or use a third party merchant account provider. Things to consider when choosing an ecommerce solution for your merchant account are the monthly fees, the discount rate (the percent you are charged per transaction), the ease and speed of processing, and the method for accessing your money.

E-commerce offers buyers maximum convenience. They can visit the web sites of multiple vendors round the clock a day to compare prices and make purchases, without having to leave their homes or offices from around the globe. In some cases, consumers can immediately obtain a product or service, such as an electronic book, a music file, or computer software, by downloading it over the Internet.

Business to business is one in which a company deals with another company for business and exchanging of goods, products, services. Some of the examples of b2b e-commerce sites are a company's official site, brokering sites etc.

Business to customer is one where the company sells its goods to the customer or trades with the customers. This is electronic retailing and called as e-tailing in common.

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Online Shopping Cart Solutions - Profit Oriented and Sophisticated

Basic constituent of an e-commerce website is its online shopping cart and there are a lot of aspects that you need to take into consideration while choosing an e-commerce shopping cart. You have to choose one that allows diverse payment services, flawless customer management and the best product management.

But before you even go out there and look for different e-commerce shopping cart options, the very first thing that you need to do is evaluate completely the requirement of the e-commerce websites.

If your business sells products or services online, or you are planning to establish an online presence in the near future, then your business also needs to have an online shopping cart. The basic characteristics of online shopping cart should be the one with on screen shopping list, shipping calculator, different layouts, address book functions, multiple shipping and payment criteria, built in shipping and tax calculation and a flawless checkout process. The most desired e-commerce solution preferred is the one equipped with at least some of these features.

Online shopping cart features are completely customizable i.e. depending on the store owners particular needs, the shopping cart can be customized to fit those needs. The process of checking out or how a payment is processed, these particular features can be customized to meet the business owner's needs and wants. Online shopping cart can also integrate with existing website which is another revolutionary e-commerce solution. The well integrated e-commerce shopping cart software can have inbuilt advanced customized web site templates, payment gateway solutions, e-commerce web hosting facilities, inventory management advanced helpdesk, Live Chat Feature, cost effective merchant account, ERP Solutions and many more.

Online shopping cart program should also have Merchant accounts and third party payment processors which is the most convenient service without the headache of writing and sending a check or calling in an order. But before approaching merchant account processors one should know the actual or expected margins, transaction volume and internal resources. Another breakthrough in e-commerce website is the provision of payment gateways, normally used in purchasing goods and services online. Credit cards and other forms of payments are accepted in a payment gateway.

Modern online shopping carts are now facilitating payment gateway solutions preferably Paypal payment gateway, being the most trusted one. For more advanced and sophisticated e-commerce solutions with fully customizable and secure online shopping cart software. This e-commerce website is worth a click to know more about the revolutionary e-commerce shopping cart. In short integrate or develop your website with online shopping cart software having the above said important features and to make e-business a real success.

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