Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Search Engine Optimization Benefits for Online Business

Techwave.com is equipped with the most desired e-commerce solution of today and that is effective search engine optimization of the e-store for good recognition and online shopping cart with SEO features.There are SEO packages for better online acclaim ensuring top position and maximum hits. The package offers beginner SEO service with one page hand coded, Intermediate SEO with 5 page coding for optimization and link building and lastly the Advanced feature with 10 page coding, optimization for search engine and link creation.

The Search Engine Optimization Services maximize your site's search engine traffic,  provides user defined title, Meta tags and Meta Description for the Product & Categories thereby exercising SEO marketing and promotion. It has characteristics like unique Title tags, Meta tags and Meta Description in different forms. Our unique system can even generate unique Title, Meta tags and Meta Description for each product page in accordance with Product Name, Category & Subcategory in case your website is deprived of such features.

Also get to know about various tools like inventory.overture.com that are available online to get the most appropriate keyword for your site. Once the site is listed in the search engines, even if it is not ranked well, the search engines will automatically increase the ranking a bit. Techwave’s ecommerce software will optimize the keywords on your site and create a link-building campaign that will drive qualified traffic to your store.

Not just result oriented ranking but periodic crawling report and update on the recent activity of optimization. There is software equipped with SEO Tools to build quality backlinks with more effective tools ensuring optimization at par for the search engine to eventually catch up with the website worked at thus making it more search engine friendly. At Techwave SEO recommendations are offered from time to time, worthy of implementation and easy for those with little HTML knowledge.

The websites that you build are search engine optimized so as to get top rankings. The SEO subscription plans ranging from beginner, intermediate and advanced levels are bound to make a website successfully placed in top in leading SERPs and to get successful with the advanced e-commerce solution. Our SEO tools are built into our software and making sure that clients take full advantage of them.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Application Development, Integration and Online Shopping Cart- What Are The Core Features?

What lies in its core is of paramount importance as it defines its very existence. What I am referring here is the application development process and online shopping cart and the integration taking place for both functional and non-functional e-businesses. There are solutions to get your application running in minutes with e-store creation for existing and new businesses. Reliable application development revolves around a software product involving structured process of programming and getting it running and removing the bottlenecks that might hamper its functionality. The use of application has shown a considerable increase in the demand for development services and online shopping cart for their stores. Application development services include development processes crossing platforms, languages and devices for businesses of all sizes.
The core features of application development, integrations done and core features of the online shopping cart are given below:-

Application Development

  • Well defined application development processes
  • Different platforms, languages and devices for businesses of all sizes.
  • Business case analysis
  • Multi tier architecture and software environment
  • Cross platform application development services bound by CSR
  • SLA framework with the critical level (CSL)
  • Process phase stacked with web-based tools
  • Quality processes and integration
  • Ad campaign module


  • Custom online shopping cart integration
  • Single Click and ‘Add to Button’ feature
  • Media Gallery
  • HTTPS/SSL support
  • Global web controls
  • Real time web statistics and UPS integration

Online Shopping Cart

  • Custom package with integrated modules to benefit the user with unique product display, unlimited categories, set permission for users, inventory management, faster checkout and secure payment gateway solutions
  • Integrated account, application development
  • Multiple product upload and shopping list of processed and new orders
  • Unique code generator and single click add option
  • Vendor management and address book functionality
  • Back-end management and separate admin area
  • Invoice generation and management
  • Quick Book Integration
  • CRM Solutions
  • SEO analysis for all live online store to ensure maximum traffic

The best core features of online shopping cart and the package offer various integration modules designed for user benefits to have cost effective and profit oriented e-stores and setting feature. Leading business therefore assures that these core features with more add-ons for applications, online shopping cart and integration will not only streamline the online shopping experience but make it more advantageous for those eager to sell online with custom core features available to them at an affordable package price for the shopping cart, integrated modules and applications.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Application Development for Profit Oriented E-commerce

The World Wide Web runs on an integrated solution with the expert technology coming to the forefront and making things easy for us. Online e-commerce solution have the best in the industry with in-depth experience in the fields of technology integration and web based solutions. E-commerce solution providers offer featured shopping cart and a design pricing package for on-time technology integration for better returns. Customers and clients go for the best in e-commerce integration that has tools to set up an online business in a minute with e-store creation and management and shopping cart integration with secure payment system. Businesses now cater to application development crossing platform, languages, industries and devices.

Coming to the core features, integrated modules for e-commerce solution is designed for user benefits to have cost-effective and profit oriented on-line stores and setting feature. This software brings in advertisement campaign module, unique sales representative to give 24/7 support, unlimited categories and sub-categories in the online store, product display and a unique portfolio, HTTPS/SSL support, globalized web controls, multi language support, media gallery, item based donations, real-time web statistics, FedEx, UPS integration, inventory control and more.

Leading webmasters suggest that Techwave has a well-defined application maintenance process, which allows effective capture, reporting resolution of maintenance requests. This process supports e-commerce solution with the distributed delivery environment wherein work responsibilities can be effectively divided between the various organizations depending on how crucial are the requests made. Each of these activities can be governed and monitored by SLA framework.

The development process is stacked with web-based tools to work in a cost saving way by moving applications to the web and make it accessible from anywhere. Leading businesses are gaining an edge in bringing an e-commerce solution with cross-platform application development services bound by CSR, an SLA framework with critical level analysis and quality process integration.mitigating minimizing many of the disadvantages, such as reduced scalability, through the generation of an enterprise level “prototype”. This additionally includes production support and maintenance of the application after it is developed.
Techwave therefore has a well-defined e-commerce solution and mature production support management process, which allows effective capture, reporting, tracking and resolution of Issues. This process supports a distributed delivery environment wherein work responsibilities can be effectively divided between the various organizations depending on the request / problem levels. Each of these activities will be governed by service level agreements (Slaps).

Saturday, September 15, 2012

How to Get the Most out of your E-Store and Online Shopping Cart?

An e-store creation facility with all featured products and integrated solutions is the best that is offered to flourishing e-businesses. Many online e-commerce giants have the best shopping cart integration facilities provided to clients. They help integrate the online shopping cart and a flawless checkout system for maximum order transactions. But is that all what is offered today? There is more in store to offer customers and clients, to keep coming for more. What could be most possibly your choice would be to have an online shopping cart with inbuilt e-commerce shopping cart solution to serve handy and make your customers satisfied and happy.

When facilitating E-store creation to prospective store owners make sure the e-store owner must find it easy to operate in the first place and then comes the user or the customer visiting his e-store. The webmaster should be clear-cut about what he or she has to offer to his customers. There has to be a system to define and create users and to activate and deactivate users. The webmaster must be able to add categories, manage visibility to certain users and should be able to access an invoice setting page and to better manage invoice generation and calculations of the taxes incurred.

How about getting a unique product display for the e-store feature through WYSIWYG editor? Your customers will be able to get the end result perspective for a clearer idea during stages of e-store creation. You can offer your clients customized store templates depending upon the product to display or a different layout for the checkout page option. The store setup process should be less complex because not all users come from the technical background and may not have clear knowledge of many ongoing aspects of software and coding languages. The e-store online shopping cart must have facilities to faster checkout and with less landing pages to avoid shopping cart abandonment.

As most online shops have it, there are e-commerce shopping cart solutions with on screen shopping list and a checkout link. The difference will be to add advantageous features to work alongside with a shipping calculator, different layouts for the cart, address book functionality, FAQ and online support for the cart. These and more inbuilt features stand paramount in effective online shopping cart integration and implementation of features to work well for your business with a revolutionized, all time user-friendly e-commerce solution for customers.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Advanced Web Integration Processes- Shopping Cart Integration, Code Generator and Backend Support

The e-commerce shopping cart software integration is specially made available for packaged, custom, and composite applications in existing websites thus offering a single web integration platform that combines business processes, user interactions, application integrations and data integration services.

The online shopping cart available with most of the websites is multi-functional integrating with the existing customer sites that make buying and selling of products easier. In this manner by exploiting the existing infrastructure and providing reusable business services, enterprises, entrepreneurs can immediately improve upon e-commerce processes, enabling more restructured and more intelligent processes as well as web shopping cart services with the ability to optimize websites.

Database Driven Shopping Cart
One of the e-commerce shopping cart software solutions offered today has a database driven shopping cart with set rules on how to access and use information stored in the database. A database driven shopping cart lets you make data changes quite often by accessing or retrieving complete database, import or export using excel spreadsheets, managing and review of transactions. There is database to retrieve information to better manage orders, sales report and visitor records. The database is accessed to check shopping cart abandonment rates if any, customer’s credentials, print labels and data of stock available, shipped or under production to better manage the inventory.

Built-in Code Generator Tool
Shopping carts can be integrated seamlessly with the existing customers’ sites with the provision of HTML code generator tool to generate simple lines of code required to insert in your existing site. Integrate by adding lines of html codes on your existing site. The "Add-To-Button" makes the process easier as it generates code by going to the “Store Settings” option and a simple click on the “Shopping Cart Integration” category, gives specific product details like item number, item price etc. The create button is clicked thereafter and the HTML code is integrated into pre existent websites.

Back-end Support
The back-end support provided is just flawless with world class invoice management, shipping, sales tax assessment for customers interested in attaching their existing sites with e-commerce shopping cart software solutions. All the management tools to undertake e-commerce business are lined up in the back-end of the store when reliable web integration takes place.

In short, web integration generates profit for your net business with advanced e-commerce shopping cart software available and integrated with existing systems. There are integrated e-commerce tools to promote your website and generate more sales, analyze visitors, effectively participate in PPC conversion tracking, Froogle submissions and more.