Saturday, October 27, 2012

Application Development for Profit Oriented E-commerce

The World Wide Web runs on an integrated solution with the expert technology coming to the forefront and making things easy for us. Online e-commerce solution have the best in the industry with in-depth experience in the fields of technology integration and web based solutions. E-commerce solution providers offer featured shopping cart and a design pricing package for on-time technology integration for better returns. Customers and clients go for the best in e-commerce integration that has tools to set up an online business in a minute with e-store creation and management and shopping cart integration with secure payment system. Businesses now cater to application development crossing platform, languages, industries and devices.

Coming to the core features, integrated modules for e-commerce solution is designed for user benefits to have cost-effective and profit oriented on-line stores and setting feature. This software brings in advertisement campaign module, unique sales representative to give 24/7 support, unlimited categories and sub-categories in the online store, product display and a unique portfolio, HTTPS/SSL support, globalized web controls, multi language support, media gallery, item based donations, real-time web statistics, FedEx, UPS integration, inventory control and more.

Leading webmasters suggest that Techwave has a well-defined application maintenance process, which allows effective capture, reporting resolution of maintenance requests. This process supports e-commerce solution with the distributed delivery environment wherein work responsibilities can be effectively divided between the various organizations depending on how crucial are the requests made. Each of these activities can be governed and monitored by SLA framework.

The development process is stacked with web-based tools to work in a cost saving way by moving applications to the web and make it accessible from anywhere. Leading businesses are gaining an edge in bringing an e-commerce solution with cross-platform application development services bound by CSR, an SLA framework with critical level analysis and quality process integration.mitigating minimizing many of the disadvantages, such as reduced scalability, through the generation of an enterprise level “prototype”. This additionally includes production support and maintenance of the application after it is developed.
Techwave therefore has a well-defined e-commerce solution and mature production support management process, which allows effective capture, reporting, tracking and resolution of Issues. This process supports a distributed delivery environment wherein work responsibilities can be effectively divided between the various organizations depending on the request / problem levels. Each of these activities will be governed by service level agreements (Slaps).

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