Friday, May 28, 2010

Ecommerce Techwave Launches Free Shopping Cart with Host of New Features

Ecommerce Techwave brings in free shopping cart integrated with Sugar CRM along with search engine marketing plans for the e-store created online.

Techwave Ecommerce provides a professional solution to ecommerce with easy handling tools and options with its launch of the free shopping cart solution which is the easiest way to put business online today. Techwave ecommerce specializes in ecommerce website design, free shopping cart software, ecommerce strategy and complete ecommerce solutions. The free shopping cart software is available with the e-store creation which is fully integrable with Microsoft CRM, Sugar CRM for organized business and sharing procedure. The merits rely on success, complete establishment and enthralling growth in running an on line store.

We are now offering e-commerce solutions with Crystal Report to design and generate reports from a wide range of data sources, SAP Business Objects BI OnDemand to explore, report, and share your data and SalesForceCRM which is a web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service. All purchases online are also covered by eBay Buyer Protection. We also take care of the optimization pre-requisites with user defined title, Meta tags and Meta Description for Product & Categories. Most commonly searched for phrases are opted for and website is thus optimized for good. Immediate targeted traffic is thereby driven with a Fast Traffic campaign to take online presence to another level and add Search Engine Optimization with comprehensive Search Engine Marketing plans." Says, Mr. Andy Anand, Vice President.

There is expertise, knowledge and proven credentials to provide with fine tuned IT solution and not to forget both tailor made and structured application designed to give the best portfolio to the product basket. There is innovation and value for money, taking business to the next level. The solutions offered have built in advanced features fully adaptable to the changing business trends. Our solution matches with the business you do with more profits coming your way. Underlined are the free shopping cart features to take care of every business need.

Free Shopping Cart Features: -

  • Free shopping cart
  • Free support with response Within 24 hrs
  • Host it on your servers
  • Multilanguage
  • Robust and fully tested with over. 1,200 users
  • Free upgrade
  • Very simple installation with our installation script or manually
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Web based store manager
  • Support for product options such as size or color
  • Customer and store owner emailed order confirmations
  • Flexible product search capabilities
  • Template driven for easy customization of design
  • NO special server requirements for default features
  • Error logging
  • Customized error codes in plain English with details on how to fix the problem
  • Modular design with support for plug in's to simply upload a plug in to add features
  • Multiple payment methods supported (also modular) to simply upload and configure new gateway file
  • No font tags in cart code. All formatting done with Cascading Style Sheets
  • Users tracked through cookies, with IP number as a backup
  • Dynamically create pages using flat file product database
  • 5 user definable fields in product database for added features
  • Free support through our mailing list.

Along with what is mentioned above there is more to go as Ecommerce Techwave has collaborated with Linkpoint to provide with a cost effective merchant account for the free shopping cart checkout process. At the same time we have incorporated more than 50 payment gateways. The free shopping cart is pre-integrated with more than 50 major payment processors like link Point with which the shopping cart is fully optimized for smooth transactions done with less hassles, more security and greater reliability.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Free Shopping Cart with Instant Publishing of Customized Templates and Crystal Report Integration

Ecommerce Solutions, Free Shopping Cart The free shopping cart offered at provides with opportunities to excel in e-businesses with reliable design features, customized templates and the newly introduced Crystal Report integration. This Californian company, with its ecommerce venture, is known for its fully featured free shopping cart with free customized template option for instant publishing of the template with Logo graphic setting and invoice logo setting and with a user friendly CMS module and is now coming up with a business intelligence application known as Crystal Report, used to design and generate reports from a wide range of data sources to graphically design data connections and report layout.

"We have already created a benchmark with our ready to use free shopping cart with customized template option with features like website logo setting in Text and Graphic, Invoice Logo setting in graphic, customized texts, simplified graphic upload and page control settings and the option of adding your own webpage and now we have, for our privileged clients, crystal report integration for our expert users to select and link tables in the database from a wide variety of data sources, including Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Oracle databases, Business Objects Enterprise business views and local file system information. You can, therefore, power your decisions with Crystal Reports and Xcelsius. Business that integrates with Crystal report enables a user to design and generate reports from a wide range of data sources. Go for a close perusal of the free shopping cart and the key features of Crystal Report fulfilling designing, sharing and embedding needs." Says, Mr. Andy Anand, CEO, Ecommerce Techwave.

Along with the free shopping cart feature, creating compelling reports that access data from multiple sources is made easy with Crystal Reports with what-if scenario models, interactive charts, and dashboards and sharing of interactive data presentations via Adobe PDF or Microsoft office. There are sharing capabilities offered with features like Offload of business intelligence infrastructure onto hosted platform to analyze data more quickly than ever and download option of RPT file viewer and hosting of files that mitigates the possibility to deploy additional hardware or software. Crystal report integration at is also a business integration to embed dynamic, professional reporting into Web or desktop with .NET and Java applications using flexible integration and deployment options. can therefore attend to the ecommerce pre-requisites with a free shopping cart for prolific e-business worldwide.

Ecommerce Techwave was established in the year 2008 and has its office at Pomona, California, offering free Shopping Cart and all the essentials needed to build, update and maintain an online store and fully integrated with Crystal Report business intelligence application with state-of-the-art technology and scalable to meet clients growing needs. Visit for more information at

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ecommerce Solutions that Empowers you to Generate Profits

Free Shopping Cart, Ecommerce Solutions It’s all about making your online business a true success but putting in profitable business ideas into action with the customized Ecommerce Solutions available for sharing, discussing and promoting new technologies and offerings in the field of web hosting and ecommerce is a must for all business endeavors. Profitable ecommerce solutions should have the most paramount web software technology with features like design feature with customized templates, inventory management, web stats, store setup and merchandizing accounting with the free shopping cart which makes it an easy-to-use ecommerce solution that generates nothing but profit to you and helps maintain it all the time.

What makes an ecommerce venture successful is its framework which should be inclusive of ecommerce solutions providing with web based administration (CMS) for easy real time updates, add, edit, & delete unlimited number of pages, ability to automatically capture and retain customer details, ecommerce solutions with product catalogue with automatic download of electronics products, product bestseller report, ecommerce solutions with multiple product option, product search facility, easy product management facility, add new products in the pool of already existing products with product description available, user friendly product admin, WYSIWYG Editor, product with enlarge, main & thumbnail versions of each and advanced product search facility, online & off-line facility for products so they can be prevented from being displayed on the website by will, real time reporting, additional payment gateway ecommerce solutions, order management and processing, web based mail facility to allow you to check email remotely, daily database backup, ecommerce solutions with search engine optimization, web hosting ensuring system redundancy, flawless and secure network, hardware redundancy, multi-level data redundancy, 128-bit SSL security with full HTTPS support, POP3/IMAP4 email with Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam, ecommerce solutions with hacker safe security and disaster management for data, e-mails, payments with complete download facility of free ecommerce shopping cart software with upgrade option, quick books integration, free domain name transfer and 24/7 tech support, training and trouble shooting.

Moving from the all the essentials mentioned above for an ecommerce venture to flourish, Ecommerce Solutions are now integrated with features to let you earn big. E-businesses can get the benefit of SugarCRM for organizing and keeping track of people, companies and sales opportunities. It is a more productive method today and an effective ecommerce solution for creating and retaining customers. It manages customer interactions across different lines of business like reporting, marketing automation, sales force automation, customer support, collaboration and platform. Ecommerce solutions should also integrate with SAP Business Objects BI OnDemand to explore, report, and share data. eBay integration is also suggested as an effective ecommerce solutions letting businesses integrate with the world's online marketplace with a global customer base of 233 million with global presence in 37 markets and the United States and integration with Crystal Reports, the business intelligence application used to design and generate reports from a wide range of data sources and lastly a fully integrable saleforce CRM which is a pre-requisite to survive in a fiercely competitive ecommerce world.

In short, there must be expertise, knowledge and proven credentials to give you fine tuned ecommerce solutions. It can be either tailor made or structured application and design to give the best portfolio to your product basket. There is innovation and value for money hence taking business to the next level with fully adaptable ecommerce solutions going hand in hand with changing business trends.

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Developers Free Shopping Cart with Admin Tools - Free Version Offered at Ecommerce Techwave

ecommerce solutions, free shopping cart Ecommerce Techwave offers free shopping cart but with a difference. Known as the Developer’s Free Shopping Cart as offered by this Californian company, it is powered with customer friendly admin section with loads of advanced features meeting every e-business need. The admin section has the define and create users option with control settings through the backend to appear in front of the website created. The Administrative features of the Free Shopping Cart takes care of the Marketing, Design, Reporting, Inventory Control, Invoicing and order processing aspect and other user friendly add-on settings and customer review option to make sure whether customer satisfaction is fulfilled to its maxim. Ecommerce Techwave therefore offers the free version of the Ecommerce Shopping Cart software.

In a recent press meet, Mr. Andy Anand of Ecommerce Techwave talked about the Inventory management admin tool feature, he said, "Ecommerce Techwave unfolds Inventory Management which is one of the key features as part of the administrative tools introduced with the developer’s Free Shopping Cart that defines categories in the store created with add new or search existing feature, easy product upload option, view all, add new, search and edit option, more add-on products to upload with greater feasibility, user defined product attributes and product image gallery with batch upload of product images, export data option to an excel spreadsheet or CSV (comma delimited) text file, import data option in bulk from an Excel Spreadsheet or CSV (comma delimited) text file, vendor management, add new brand option, easy editor option and more to explore in this as you go online for a more profitable e-business with us with our Free Shopping Cart."

The developer’s free shopping cart admin tool design feature, enables the user to work with customized templates, free templates and put into use website logo setting in Text and Graphic and invoice setting, page control settings etc. Apart form these there are SEO features that comes under the marketing admin tool, order fulfillment tool with all essential features like tax and invoice setting , tax processing, view and process orders and back office sales, customer review option, reporting and add on features to set up store with multi store option with the developer’s Free Shopping Cart. In short, there is everything that plays an important role in effective e-commerce with the Free Shopping Cart that brings in more return on the investments made.

On a visit at users can download free version of Techwave Ecommerce Shopping Cart which will be e-mailed to them.

Ecommerce Techwave is the known name today as being the leader in high performance e-commerce solutions. Established in the year 2008 with its head office at Pomona, California, Techwave Ecommerce has automated its features with greater reliability with a performance based innovative infrastructure. The Free Shopping Cart software provides everything needed to build, update and maintain an online store. Visit for more information at

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Now Offered Ebay Integration with Shopping Cart Software at Ecommerce Techwave

Free Shopping Cart, Ecommerce Solutions Ecommerce Techwave presents with shopping cart software free of charge with response time of 24 hrs hosted in client’s server which is multi-lingual in nature, robust and fully tested with support for product options, customized error codes in English and modular design with support for plug in's and checkout features, member’s only and security features with technology that excels. This is not just what provides a benchmark to the shopping cart software; Ecommerce Techwave provides it with eBay integration with best offers for the products listed, high bid information, reclamation of fees and more that is eBay guaranteed to the customers.

"We are now into providing with fully functional shopping cart software integrated with eBay store that becomes really popular with many visitors and transactions. It’s benefits are numerous when finally, anyone would want to expand the business and appeal to other markets and getting it integrated with ready ecommerce solutions that provides with a shopping cart software and not, just an eBay store. The integration of eBay with the free shopping cart software allows the freedom of adding functionality in the future in the same way that an ecommerce solution can do. By integrating both the stores into one solution, it gives the client and the customer’s one place to find all of your products and services. Therefore, what you get is shopping cart software with support for product options such as size or color, email order confirmations for customer and store owners and product search capability features and more add-ons along with eBay integration that gives value to the products on display."

Ecommerce Techwave therefore provides with professional shopping cart software which can show users that you are a legitimate business enterprise and have invested in a website with a distinct brand identity. It also brings together the features, functionality and target audience of both eBay and a professional ecommerce website with shopping cart software. There are eBay stores customized to match the branding on ecommerce websites to make the whole company look professional. More insights at