Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ecommerce Solutions that Empowers you to Generate Profits

Free Shopping Cart, Ecommerce Solutions It’s all about making your online business a true success but putting in profitable business ideas into action with the customized Ecommerce Solutions available for sharing, discussing and promoting new technologies and offerings in the field of web hosting and ecommerce is a must for all business endeavors. Profitable ecommerce solutions should have the most paramount web software technology with features like design feature with customized templates, inventory management, web stats, store setup and merchandizing accounting with the free shopping cart which makes it an easy-to-use ecommerce solution that generates nothing but profit to you and helps maintain it all the time.

What makes an ecommerce venture successful is its framework which should be inclusive of ecommerce solutions providing with web based administration (CMS) for easy real time updates, add, edit, & delete unlimited number of pages, ability to automatically capture and retain customer details, ecommerce solutions with product catalogue with automatic download of electronics products, product bestseller report, ecommerce solutions with multiple product option, product search facility, easy product management facility, add new products in the pool of already existing products with product description available, user friendly product admin, WYSIWYG Editor, product with enlarge, main & thumbnail versions of each and advanced product search facility, online & off-line facility for products so they can be prevented from being displayed on the website by will, real time reporting, additional payment gateway ecommerce solutions, order management and processing, web based mail facility to allow you to check email remotely, daily database backup, ecommerce solutions with search engine optimization, web hosting ensuring system redundancy, flawless and secure network, hardware redundancy, multi-level data redundancy, 128-bit SSL security with full HTTPS support, POP3/IMAP4 email with Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam, ecommerce solutions with hacker safe security and disaster management for data, e-mails, payments with complete download facility of free ecommerce shopping cart software with upgrade option, quick books integration, free domain name transfer and 24/7 tech support, training and trouble shooting.

Moving from the all the essentials mentioned above for an ecommerce venture to flourish, Ecommerce Solutions are now integrated with features to let you earn big. E-businesses can get the benefit of SugarCRM for organizing and keeping track of people, companies and sales opportunities. It is a more productive method today and an effective ecommerce solution for creating and retaining customers. It manages customer interactions across different lines of business like reporting, marketing automation, sales force automation, customer support, collaboration and platform. Ecommerce solutions should also integrate with SAP Business Objects BI OnDemand to explore, report, and share data. eBay integration is also suggested as an effective ecommerce solutions letting businesses integrate with the world's online marketplace with a global customer base of 233 million with global presence in 37 markets and the United States and integration with Crystal Reports, the business intelligence application used to design and generate reports from a wide range of data sources and lastly a fully integrable saleforce CRM which is a pre-requisite to survive in a fiercely competitive ecommerce world.

In short, there must be expertise, knowledge and proven credentials to give you fine tuned ecommerce solutions. It can be either tailor made or structured application and design to give the best portfolio to your product basket. There is innovation and value for money hence taking business to the next level with fully adaptable ecommerce solutions going hand in hand with changing business trends.

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