Saturday, July 7, 2012

Advanced Web Integration Processes- Shopping Cart Integration, Code Generator and Backend Support

The e-commerce shopping cart software integration is specially made available for packaged, custom, and composite applications in existing websites thus offering a single web integration platform that combines business processes, user interactions, application integrations and data integration services.

The online shopping cart available with most of the websites is multi-functional integrating with the existing customer sites that make buying and selling of products easier. In this manner by exploiting the existing infrastructure and providing reusable business services, enterprises, entrepreneurs can immediately improve upon e-commerce processes, enabling more restructured and more intelligent processes as well as web shopping cart services with the ability to optimize websites.

Database Driven Shopping Cart
One of the e-commerce shopping cart software solutions offered today has a database driven shopping cart with set rules on how to access and use information stored in the database. A database driven shopping cart lets you make data changes quite often by accessing or retrieving complete database, import or export using excel spreadsheets, managing and review of transactions. There is database to retrieve information to better manage orders, sales report and visitor records. The database is accessed to check shopping cart abandonment rates if any, customer’s credentials, print labels and data of stock available, shipped or under production to better manage the inventory.

Built-in Code Generator Tool
Shopping carts can be integrated seamlessly with the existing customers’ sites with the provision of HTML code generator tool to generate simple lines of code required to insert in your existing site. Integrate by adding lines of html codes on your existing site. The "Add-To-Button" makes the process easier as it generates code by going to the “Store Settings” option and a simple click on the “Shopping Cart Integration” category, gives specific product details like item number, item price etc. The create button is clicked thereafter and the HTML code is integrated into pre existent websites.

Back-end Support
The back-end support provided is just flawless with world class invoice management, shipping, sales tax assessment for customers interested in attaching their existing sites with e-commerce shopping cart software solutions. All the management tools to undertake e-commerce business are lined up in the back-end of the store when reliable web integration takes place.

In short, web integration generates profit for your net business with advanced e-commerce shopping cart software available and integrated with existing systems. There are integrated e-commerce tools to promote your website and generate more sales, analyze visitors, effectively participate in PPC conversion tracking, Froogle submissions and more.