Monday, September 27, 2010

Ecommerce Solution with Website Designing and Shopping Cart Software

Online ecommerce Shopping Cart at Techwave is a complete business solution provider for companies of all sizes which is now offering its prestigious website design service and a fully functional Shopping Cart Software with more advantageous features to deal with to gain out of the business efforts with planned decision making.

“We are already there with you to excel in your e-business endeavor. As specializes in Business to Business, Business to Consumer, E-accounting, Inventory Management, and Web Stats it is also getting its acclaim with its multi-functional Shopping Cart Software. The Shopping Cart Software provides full ecommerce Security and IP Fraud checking and services, which are Pre-Integrated with more than 40 payment gateways, UPS Integrated with tax and shipping calculation and free live chat and much more. See our Shopping Cart Software features explained online.”

As part of the Shopping Cart Software and the e-store creation, Techwave provides with 24/7 ecommerce hosting and live chat for assistance on using the Shopping Cart Software and creating a profitable storefront. The website design service comes with customized website templates for the Shopping Cart Software with 100 of templates virtually displayed and product specific layouts that serve better in online businesses and providing hosting services with 24/7 support.

Techwave provides with flexible website design services with the advantage of having customized Shopping Cart Software with the ultimate in security measures and with payment gateway integration. The storefront is created with search engine friendly product pages and a database driven Shopping Cart Software

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Online Shopping Cart Templates- Integration Made Easy

Ecommerce Software, Online Shopping Cart, Ecommerce Solution Online shopping cart which when integrates with an existent or new website creates an easy to use platform for shopping online. It hardly requires any level of expertise to integrate with an online shopping cart template to change the look and feel of the online website with a shopping cart that comprises of other advanced features.

The online shopping cart for profitable ecommerce today comprises of the on screen shopping list, shipping calculator for free, different layouts for the cart and checkout are shown as reference for customer as they continue to browse for more products and shows the status of the checkout at every point of the checkout, address book function for easy checkout, built in shipping and tax calculation and multiple shipping and payment options in which, as part of the online shopping cart, incoming orders are managed flawlessly with tracking done to the utmost level possible. On comparing these with the online shopping cart template systems that are regarded as powerful enough to help you alter the entire appearance of your online store in just some clicks, it is quite obvious that online shopping cart template option, is an integral part because the appearance of the frontend catches the attention of curious internet shoppers. With a template option available free of cost or by paying an economical amount, it is just a second’s time taken to implement an integrated online shopping cart template with a total comprehensive customized approach that makes way for an entire transformation of the online platform for shopping online.

Online ecommerce solution providers are getting into competition to come out with the best of the best pre-defined online shopping cart templates in their very own template gallery. There is full opportunity given with more than 100 templates to select and in 5 different colors and patterns. As stated earlier there is just no need to have HTML knowledge. A successful e-commerce website search, takes you to the link that leads to the online shopping cart templates category where from a specific template can be chosen from among the numerous other online shopping cart templates listed. A simple click on to the online shopping cart templates category will take you to the display page of the templates from where you can select the template that goes well with your store products.

In short, the well integrated modern online shopping carts are equipped with inbuilt advanced online shopping cart template features based on a click to apply technology with fewer burdens to the not so technical person. Just configure your online shopping cart, set up the product page on your site with the online shopping cart template and start taking orders right away.

Easy and Effective Shopping Cart Solutions at

Ecommerce Solution, Online Shopping Cart, Ecommerce Software Most comprehensive shopping cart solution and advanced search engine optimization facilities provide with a complete user-friendly environment that offer simplified easy to use administration. Clients can manage reports to enumerate the cost to the company and builds up relationship of trust and support with their client’s and their business partners. Secondly the inventory Management helps business partners to send automatically generated email to their customers and the vendors about the events and products. The powerful, fully-integrated platform to optimize performance and ensure the highest security is the prime responsibility of the software developers. Online business establishments’ help their clients collaborate to manage their business and to give them complete comparison report for their efficiency and turnout times against the predefined service level agreements.

Shopping cart solutions today are just a click away with new automated business styles which is bringing a speedy change in the ecommerce world, making clients to move ahead with new business styles in half the time than accepted. The ecommerce shopping cart is reaching the excellences of functionality through the ecommerce stores of with remarkable features where users can look at the maximum IP hits to ascertain the number of visitors. Invoice processing is done to know the status of any order at one click. The report lists all the invoices that occurred within a period of time and the Admin user has the right to update its status and to denote whether it is under process or shipped. The user gets up to date information about the taxes to be paid and taxes are calculated according to the country, states and county. Members can also keep a note of the number of viewers currently logged in and who have already browsed.

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Ecommerce Solution that Lets you Earn Profits with Secure Transactions

Finding the right ecommerce solution for your business is utterly essential, and it must be both easy to use and secure for customers to feel safe handing over their details. With increase of credit card theft and website hacking, ecommerce solutions provided should be trustworthy and secure, making it difficult to find the right one. The golden rule is to give emphasis on quality, usability and extent of features offered by any given ecommerce solution package, and your decision should be based on finding the right application and ecommerce solution for precise ecommerce needs.

E-businesses can move into Inbuilt advanced ecommerce solution with SEO Marketing and promotion, SEO service plans, customized web site templates, e-marketing, automated inventory management, 50 major payment gateways, online store creation, shopping cart integration, cost effective merchant account, free domain names for paid account visitors, bulk Import, ERP solutions and in addition to it advanced helpdesk, BPO services and plans along and live chat facilities along with more ecommerce solutions benefitting e-businesses with greater reliability.

Online payment processor PayPal is the most diversified payment gateway ecommerce solution letting many businesses to take orders through, credit left in your PayPal account, credit cards, and via debit card or bank account through the PayPal website. PayPal payment system has an easy to use secure interface for the online shopping cart software and for smooth and safe ecommerce solutions. If you have your own URL you can implement code into your website along with integrated payment gateway ecommerce solutions from Link Points and other service providers and use free checkout services that could provide exactly what you're looking for in more secure and just manner.

Graphic services offering Logo Design for building up a company’s image, Template Design Service, Home Page Design, Unique Button Creation and Designing, Uniform Customized Page Headings, Category Graphics Design and Flash Animation for your website are all effective ecommerce solutions for more visitor flow to increase profits to the maximum.

The websites once created can get search engine optimized so as to get top rankings. The professional SEO subscription plans of ecommerce websites may differ according to the hand coded page requirement, link creation and link building. On-line businesses are bound to get successful with advanced ecommerce solutions with SEO facilities.

Moving one step ahead, Outsourcing in ecommerce websites facilitating ecommerce solutions, is undertaken through high capacity and scalable helpdesk services. The BPO operations or Call Center Services handle domestic and international customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year with a process that involves skill based routing, efficient, high quality service handling phone orders online, Online chat / live Chat and pre-sales questions, general customer support, technical support, sales and billing support and credit card information. These profitable ecommerce solutions can also be subscribed for and the fee depends upon the type of subscription. Therefore, it’s time to attain the most reliable and profit generating ecommerce solution fulfilling e-business needs thereby creating satisfied customers to avail ecommerce solutions incorporated into website for greater online success.

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Launched Infrastructure Management Ecommerce Solutions

Online Shopping Cart, Ecommerce Solution, Ecommerce Software, the Ecommerce Solution provider is bringing in Techwave Infrastructure Technical Services that aims at providing Enterprise Infrastructure Ecommerce Solution through rightsizing technology aligned with the business needs and management goals.

As per the CEO of, "At Techwave we understand that no single Ecommerce Solution will meet the needs of every organization, so flexibility is the key in any service and Ecommerce Solution that Techwave provides. Techwave believes that ITS will become one of the largest service offerings in terms of revenue and customer needs in the next two years and has made significant investments in this direction. Techwave's ITS team brings you the vast pool of resources with expertise spanning across large number of vertical industries through the up to the mark Ecommerce Solution."

The Ecommerce Solution provided are based around forming long-term relationships with clients and offering end-to-end complete lifecycle solutions along with the Ecommerce Solution catered to the clients. The infrastructure management Ecommerce Solution is designed keeping in mind the key challenges faced in areas of managing and controlling IT infrastructure at the center and building services and Ecommerce Solutions around them. These Ecommerce Solution is designed through the Right processes, Right people, and using the Right tools and technology.

All customer concerns and challenges are managed at each layer within an Enterprise's Infrastructure Technology stack including Desktops Servers, Networks, Security etc and deliver service offerings most suited to specific requirements keeping organization wide context also into consideration. The modular approach allows tailoring services precisely to the long-term needs. These infrastructure management Ecommerce Solutions are brought with a right mix of offshore and onsite delivery methodologies to achieve your business objectives. The end-to-end service offerings and Ecommerce Solution right from consulting, design to deploy or manage are all attainable at Introduces Latest Website Features and Shopping Cart Software Technology, an ecommerce site, has been designed for catering both big and small ecommerce businesses. The site is a unique combination of ecommerce software. Internet business is the requirement of the present time and will continue for a long time. With fast moving world we need to grow fast and quick e-solutions and the shopping cart software for business and Techwave contributes in the best way to brings in technological advancements in the form of the online shopping cart software and customized solutions offered. is a complete ecommerce solution provider. Living up to the requirement of the customers seems to be the motivation behind Techwave. The shopping cart software features like bulk upload of images and products are so simplified that anyone can use it as one uses the email. The store manager and the shopping cart software can be accessed to customize the website to specific individual client requirements without getting dependent on the designers for the website as the self-designed template feature makes it a cakewalk for the site owner. The whole site or e-store or shopping cart software can now be designed without the knowledge of HTML with the useful customization necessary for the store created to make it more profitable the e-business.

Adding more to the underlying shopping cart software features sites following on the internet must have a constant effort to be at the top of the search engines. A task, which is not thought to be important for many but it, is important for the ranking of the site. To make the site noticeable sends the e-store and to the search engines.

The new integration suite addresses the entire application life cycle for packaged, custom, and composite applications, offering a single integration platform that combines business process, user interaction, application integration and data integration services.

In short, boosting business and understanding how the booming business is done are two different things. seems to understand that both are equally important and it gives free advice to its clients for booming and boosting online business.

Andy Anand, the Vice President of Techwave says,’ we are committed to help organizations understand how to build long-term sustainable business benefits, deliver a strategic shopping cart software integration infrastructure for their customers, and resource constrained organizations."

Clients can view the demo available at and put into use the shopping cart software.

Techwave Offered Online Shopping Cart and Ultimate Online Service, the ecommerce solution provider brings in Shopping Cart Software with more interactive online services catered to with user benefits. These services cater to e-businesses with higher amount of user-friendliness and credibility. The new features include online store creation, search engine optimization, graphic and personalized helpdesk services.

"It’s true that caters to create online store creation with customized solution for your online business and that the Shopping Cart Software feature is readily available for your e-store that you build with us and with that you get graphic services for logo design, home page design, button creation and more. The websites created is search engine friendly by means of our subscription plans offered for fair and legal optimization and online Shopping Cart Software with a more high capacity scalable helpdesk at your service.” Says, Mr. Andy Anand, CEO,

Techwave graphic services are now offering logo design for building up a company’s image. The template design service enhances the look of the website into a classy rejuvenated and the techwave home page design changes the look and skin of the homepage of a website. There is unique button creation and designing feature, uniform customized page headings to at least twenty site pages, category graphics design and flash animation for the website created that comes with the Shopping Cart Software.

The websites built are search engine optimized so as to get top rankings. The SEO subscription plans coming along with Shopping Cart Software ranges from beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Outsourcing is undertaken through’s high capacity and scalable helpdesk services. The BPO operations or Call Center Services handle domestic and international customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year for consultation on Shopping Cart Software or ecommerce solution based queries. Services involve skill based routing, efficient, high quality service handling phone orders online, Online chat / live Chat and pre-sales questions, general customer support, technical support, sales and billing support and credit card information.

In short, all areas related to smooth e-commerce flow are taken care of and even beginner e-businessmen feel comfortable with services at, as help is catered to on a constant basis through our 24/7 online customer support. More queries are answered at

Techwave Offers Ecommerce Solution with Oracle Support

Ecommerce Solution, Online Shopping Cart, the online e-commerce solution provider, is getting advantageous for both small and big businesses world wide with host of advanced e-commerce solutions and now the one e-commerce solution that features Oracle Database Administration and Development of flexible and flawless world wide e-business. Techwave therefore provides with Oracle support for technical online support for full performance analysis, three tier Oracle application server configuration and troubleshooting, analytical system development, maintenance and up to minute ready oracle support and assistance in solving database management intricacies on a 24/7 basis.

"There is success coming to you in all aspects of Oracle database administration, Oracle platform and Oracle database application server with technical capabilities like Oracle Database with SQL, PL/SQL, object capabilities with a knowledge based technical team on service, to resolve database management intricacies 24 hours a day in order to provide ready e-commerce solution." Says Andy Anand, CEO,, the ecommerce solution provider caters to clients with advanced oracle server, remote DBA services, server hosting, porting various applications to the Oracle platform, oracle outsourcing, staffing, Oracle EBS, Data migration, prevention of SQL injection, disaster recovery, backup recovery, Oracle Server Hosting, Data Warehousing, Database Security, Oracle installation, Staffing, performance tuning and consulting services thereby bringing in profitable ecommerce solution for you.

There are underlying flaws and several bottlenecks that are required to be removed for a more advantageous e-commerce solution with Oracle's Tuning Methodology for a more gainful approach towards performance tuning that has been the most profitable endeavor at to get the most out of 10g Database by performance tuning methods that maximize the utility of the database. Manageable backup and data recovery for all Oracle data formats is also taken care of along with the data replication software at Techwave that ensures greater productivity, reliability and greater returns on an organization's investment. More insights and e-commerce solutions available at

Techwave Announces Multi-Functional Shopping Cart Software Integration, the ecommerce establishment is building up a name for itself with customized solutions to e-businesses by way of its most comprehensive Shopping Cart Software solutions that the company moulds according to client needs and make it scalable from small to big enterprise solutions priced nominally with 24X7 helpdesk services. The Shopping Cart Software is multi-functional with diversified range of features and functionality including advanced search engine optimization capabilities in an intuitive, user-friendly environment that offers simplified easy to use administration. The software is built on a powerful, fully integrated platform to optimize performance and ensure highest security. Users can configure the Shopping Cart Software at the website product pages by means of simple code generation.

"A merchant will in no way find it difficult to deal with the Shopping Cart Software and use it in the long run. It is a database driven Shopping Cart Software to retrieve and access complete database through Import and Export using Excel spreadsheet. All transaction records in the website database relevant to sales, orders, visitors, shipments, payments, customers, and inventory control are managed with the Shopping Cart Software along with domain and E-Mail account management. You just do not have to fret anymore for data loss or any kind of technical difficulties arising out of it. Further more you just do not need to get upset with limited functionality CGI programs, installation complications, expensive digital certificate or buying a secure server for the Shopping Cart Software. Techwave Shopping Cart Software can track customer’s need customized according to individual preferences. The Shopping Cart Software calculates all charges and takes care of the deliverables and order transactions with secure payment gateway integration.” As said by Andy Anand, Vice President,

Techwave Shopping Cart as per the words of the webmaster is improving day by day. The bar towards its performance is raised at considerable levels. Along with its advantageous Shopping Cart Software and features pertaining to it, Techwave provides with special free services to further enhance website's power.

How to Integrate?

Users have to insert standard HTML tags to the product web pages to manage the best Shopping Cart Software services on the web with systematic instructions and examples given for user’s benefit to follow them correctly and integrate in few clicks. There is a simple code generator tool with unique lines of codes for users to generate to set up the product page with Techwave’s Shopping Cart Software with add on button functionality and backend support like Invoice Management, Shipping, Sales Tax etc.

E-businesses can Logon at for multi-functional Shopping Cart Software services or can call at 1-877-792-2075 to access personalized Shopping Cart Software solutions for a professional looking shopping cart.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Create Online Store with Ebay Integration - Get it Ready in a Minute

Create Online Store, Online Store Builder, Free Store Builder There are ecommerce websites operational with their ‘Create Online Store’ feature to help users get into business that is more profitable with customized solutions for them to generate higher returns. It has been quite some time now that the online shopping carts are readily available for online stores and users can incorporate advantageous shopping cart software without much of the cumbersome steps to go through. They can now have a profit generating shopping cart software into existing websites with simple html code generation. However, that is not all that is worth checking out with ecommerce solution providers. Just as you were done with a functional shopping cart software that brings you orders, you realized that it is time enough to give your site an altogether new look, an all new approach to start afresh with a difference. But then you though it to be a long process, spending money on the software, hiring a professional and so on but it is no longer the way you thought it out to be. Along with the most reliable Ecommerce solutions offered today, you get to experience it virtually with the Create Online Store with other integrated features and to name one, you get to create e-stores through the Create Online Store with eBay Integration.

Ecommerce hosting sites have tested the ‘Create Online Store’ software for its efficiency with affordable ways for anyone to design, build and manage their own online store with no technical skills needed. The Create Online Store has its easy setup wizard to go for the choice of templates out of the many professionally designed templates for almost all types of products and services with skinning options available for the upcoming virtual store. The next important thing is to get it search engine friendly and have it integrated with applications that can be the icing on the cake for your store. The probable question stands here is, that why would someone want to integrate when he or she can have a personalized storefront in eBay itself? It is because with a single personalized storefront you get to target a niche eBay market and its buyers and not the buyers at large who might get interested in your product.

Getting your store integrated with eBay and its buyer protection advantage is something that is new to hear. New generation ‘Create Online Store’ feature comes with the most talked about eBay buyer protection and marketplace integrated to it with advanced setting option to enable or disable certain important aspect of an online storefront with other ecommerce solutions to deal with and meet up with a larger audience who stand as potential buyers.

The web master gets the feasibility to watch, sell and bid for products that are uniquely displayed and are categorized to stand out from other store listings with exclusive categories on almost everything with the key products highlighted in a separate category. Users can create, modify, and manage eBay Auctions and get to access the control panel of their company websites’ product catalog and list products available in stock in eBay for profitable auctions buy it integration with Create Online Store. The products can be listed along with best offers, counter offers and with the provision for reclamation of fees for any products unsold and also to retrieve current listings of eBay categories, retrieve high bid information, feedback from customers and display eBay listings on other websites.

Users can therefore experience the power of the web with the online shopping store that looks the way desired with eBay integration.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Ecommerce Techwave Offers Create Online Store with the Advantage of EBay Integration

Free Create Store, Online Store Builder, Create Online Store The 'Create Online Store' at gets eBay buyer protection offered with the unique product display and profitable auction of products for higher returns. eBay integration is possible after the store becomes functional by means of the ‘Create Online Store’ software, now available with the user friendly Shopping Cart Software. The site offers it for the paid storeowners who have utilized ecommerce ‘Create Online Store’ feature to create e-stores.

"What you get is a super specialty eBay store created by Pierre Omidyar in 1995 through the 'Create Online Store' with shopping cart software where all businesses, both small and big inter-mingle together. The Create Online Store and the shopping cart software integrates with eBay for unique product display with more to explore in the exclusive categories for Antiques, industrial products, lifestyle products, Music, sporting goods, collectibles and more. Ecommerce.techwave therefore achieves the feather in its cap and guarantees a profit oriented store through 'Create Online Store' software letting e-businesses spread across a worldwide arena to reach and touch new heights." As said by Andy Anand, Vice President,

On any given day, the Create Online Store makes the user feel different and enable the store master, to build up the store with eBay integration that reaches global audience with all types of products available in a single storefront hence saving on the investment made and the time utilized. The admin section is accessible after the paid membership registration process for the Create Online Store is completed and clients create their e-store through the 'Create Online Store' software. The 'Create Online Store' Software can be now be used free of cost under 15 days trial period without eBay integration or by paying a nominal amount for the service provided with eBay integration. After using the ‘Create Online Store’ feature of, Storeowners can look into the unique eBay characteristics and high bidding of the products on display and put them into use.

More detailed analysis at Access the ‘Create Online Store’ feature at

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Create online store customer module with seo benefits

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:

Ecommerce Techwave Offers Create Online Store Customer Module- Create Online Store Comes with SEO Benefits

Create Online Store, Online Store Builder, Free Create Store Ecommerce Techwave, the ecommerce venture with the Shopping Cart Software and the ‘Create Online Store’ feature incorporates the customer module to take better advantage of the store created. Storeowners can take into account customer information in a better-articulated manner with the edit, add and view all option to check and know more about the customers of the user’s store built through the ‘Create Online Store’ and can actively take part in search engine optimization procedures for a more search engine friendly e-store. Along with it, store masters can now put into use the multifunctional Shopping Cart Software.

"Our team for expert minds has the experience that shows, as business gets automated for you with Create Online Store and Shopping Cart Software." Said, Andy Anand, Vice President, He further adds to it, "In automating business, Ecommerce most important elements are taken into consideration. One important attribute of the ‘Create Online Store’ with Shopping Cart Software is to manage customer details for future references and to keep note of the orders that are already shipped for them and those remaining. This in a way leads to more reliability of services through the ‘Create Online Store’ and accuracy leading to ultimate customer satisfaction. SEO marketing and promotion is one of the chief feature as presented by the ‘Create Online Store’ of Ecommerce.techwave with characteristics like setting default Title tags, Meta tags and Meta Description in different forms. Since the newly created website along with the Shopping Cart Software, get optimized it becomes search engine friendly and eventually has a good standing in the Google page rank. The Create Online Store with Shopping Cart Software will optimize the keywords on your site with unique product display."

Valuable Reference is a prerequisite for modern ecommerce to get going more fruitfully with its ‘Create Online Store’ feature with Shopping Cart Software. The Create Online Store with Shopping Cart Software is readily available at ecommerce.techwave with advanced Website Hosting Product, Sales management, Inventory Management, Store Design & Configuration with easy-to-use site setup. More is included in the Shopping Cart Software and ‘Create Online Store’ design wizards, extended pre-designed themes, color templates, Shopping Cart Software and above all SEO Friendly Static HTML Pages as provided in the ‘Create Online Store’ with 100% dynamic product and category pages and the robots.txt file upload functionality.

More insights on Create Online Store software and the Shopping Cart Software accessible at and store creation at

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Customized Storefronts Through Create Online Store

Do you have a storefront that limits you to its features on display and does not, in any way allow you to customize and a store, which is not available with integrated solutions that make you different from the rest? If you answer to the affirmative, then that store is of no use if it simply cannot meet up to your expectations. What you need is a drastic change and a switch over from a standard storefront into a Customized one.

There are online ventures that can give you the service you need and can cater with their very own ‘create online store’ software with its easy set up wizard to get things done in a matter of few seconds. Such type of software offers full-customized options to work with in different arenas. Be it, order management, back office sales, inventory management, product management and setting criteria as to what to show and what not to show, eBay integration, marketing options, Customer, Design, CMS, Page text and control setting and other advance setting option, every bit of the information added must be changeable and searchable on the set criteria.

The first and the foremost is to get the store ready in less time than imagined as e-businesses cannot waste time on the setup itself. It needs less time and therefore the ‘create online store’ feature should be pertaining to such a need. The easy set up wizard therefore should be one of the pre-requisites of the ‘create online store’ feature to just preview and set up the store for you and later on customize it as per requirement with the feasibility of changing it further as per growing demand of the products and services. The next most important field to pay attention and a must for the ‘create online store’ is the CMS module, to manage the web pages and its content with the edit, add and search option.

Custom web development via create online store needs prior planning and an overall strategic approach to the development process and must actively participate in the optimization process. The ‘create online store’ software must have the SEO friendly feature for the users to put them into use and customize it accordingly. As part of the create online store feature users should be able to make changes in the Meta title, Meta description and keywords and optimize the products and services, hire optimizers if possible and be able to upload Robots.txt to control the navigation of search engine crawlers. Additionally, create online store must have Google feed feature with the added advantage of customizing it. Similarly, users should get the feasibility of adding newsletters of writing, editing and publishing it online and e-mail campaign feature activated for good.

The integrated inventory solutions is the next in line for the create online store to have one for category display to add new categories and search existing ones, to add new products, set attributes and edit the product display chart with the retail and wholesale price including the bestseller and new arrival product column customized accordingly. Adding more to it is the advance product setting to add search criteria and enable wish list, customer review, discounted price, actual price, sale price, and e-mail to friend features for utmost user satisfaction.

The online store must therefore, take care of the growing users demand, give them the freedom of customization and in turn help create a complete online shopping solution including a fully customizable shopping cart system, secure certificate, and real-time order processing for a profit-focused online store.

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Introduced create online store marketing module

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Create Online Store Marketing Module- Introduced at Ecommerce Techwave

Free Online Store, Online Store Builder, Create Online Store As time races by, the marketing needs of a website increases to the extent that it has to be the one listed on top of the search engine ranking to help reach global audience. The marketing module is an integral part of the ‘Create Online Store’ admin with sub-categories enabling users to generate discounts, configure coupons and go about with complete coupon management. The ‘Create Online Store’ of ecommerce.techwave also provides with the advantages of Google feed to generate and upload feeds with Google account access, put into use the newsletter service, help paid users with email campaigning and SEO service, tips and Robots.txt file upload.

“We at ecommerce.techwave assure storeowners and web masters, of a comprehensive Search Engine Marketing plan to help drive immediate targeted traffic to your site with a Fast Traffic campaign. The Create Online Store or the online store builder marketing enables users to create SEO friendly static HTML pages turning category and product pages into.htm files so as to facilitate easy search engine crawling. Storeowners can exercise SEO benefits through the ‘Create Online Store’ and can now set default Meta tags, title, description, keywords and get assistance in optimizing products. Users, by means of the ‘Create Online Store’ can even hire optimizers for professional review, website submissions, to work on correct keywords with the key facts in mind for effective search engine optimization.” As said by the CEO,

The website brings in the product basket to store owners with set discount features in the ‘Create Online Store’ discount-marketing module. The set discount option of the ‘Create Online Store’ or the online store builder marketing category is based on order by and product by criteria. The ‘Create Online Store’ also brings in coupon management system to configure coupons by specifying details pertaining to it. The site’s Create Online Store software comes with easy set up wizard and Google feed as part of its marketing module to generate Google feed to direct file and excel sheet with customization option. Additionally, the built in ROI tracker of the ‘Create Online Store’ as facilitated, tracks all advertizing and marketing efforts.

Storeowners can create store in a minute through the ‘Create Online Store’ to know more on successful marketing campaigns, and exercise the marketing option, making the store functional within 15 minutes time. All store admin features of the ‘Create Online Store’ are accessible after successful registration at with 15 days free trial option.