Monday, September 6, 2010

Create Online Store Marketing Module- Introduced at Ecommerce Techwave

Free Online Store, Online Store Builder, Create Online Store As time races by, the marketing needs of a website increases to the extent that it has to be the one listed on top of the search engine ranking to help reach global audience. The marketing module is an integral part of the ‘Create Online Store’ admin with sub-categories enabling users to generate discounts, configure coupons and go about with complete coupon management. The ‘Create Online Store’ of ecommerce.techwave also provides with the advantages of Google feed to generate and upload feeds with Google account access, put into use the newsletter service, help paid users with email campaigning and SEO service, tips and Robots.txt file upload.

“We at ecommerce.techwave assure storeowners and web masters, of a comprehensive Search Engine Marketing plan to help drive immediate targeted traffic to your site with a Fast Traffic campaign. The Create Online Store or the online store builder marketing enables users to create SEO friendly static HTML pages turning category and product pages into.htm files so as to facilitate easy search engine crawling. Storeowners can exercise SEO benefits through the ‘Create Online Store’ and can now set default Meta tags, title, description, keywords and get assistance in optimizing products. Users, by means of the ‘Create Online Store’ can even hire optimizers for professional review, website submissions, to work on correct keywords with the key facts in mind for effective search engine optimization.” As said by the CEO,

The website brings in the product basket to store owners with set discount features in the ‘Create Online Store’ discount-marketing module. The set discount option of the ‘Create Online Store’ or the online store builder marketing category is based on order by and product by criteria. The ‘Create Online Store’ also brings in coupon management system to configure coupons by specifying details pertaining to it. The site’s Create Online Store software comes with easy set up wizard and Google feed as part of its marketing module to generate Google feed to direct file and excel sheet with customization option. Additionally, the built in ROI tracker of the ‘Create Online Store’ as facilitated, tracks all advertizing and marketing efforts.

Storeowners can create store in a minute through the ‘Create Online Store’ to know more on successful marketing campaigns, and exercise the marketing option, making the store functional within 15 minutes time. All store admin features of the ‘Create Online Store’ are accessible after successful registration at with 15 days free trial option.

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