Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Launched Infrastructure Management Ecommerce Solutions

Online Shopping Cart, Ecommerce Solution, Ecommerce Software, the Ecommerce Solution provider is bringing in Techwave Infrastructure Technical Services that aims at providing Enterprise Infrastructure Ecommerce Solution through rightsizing technology aligned with the business needs and management goals.

As per the CEO of, "At Techwave we understand that no single Ecommerce Solution will meet the needs of every organization, so flexibility is the key in any service and Ecommerce Solution that Techwave provides. Techwave believes that ITS will become one of the largest service offerings in terms of revenue and customer needs in the next two years and has made significant investments in this direction. Techwave's ITS team brings you the vast pool of resources with expertise spanning across large number of vertical industries through the up to the mark Ecommerce Solution."

The Ecommerce Solution provided are based around forming long-term relationships with clients and offering end-to-end complete lifecycle solutions along with the Ecommerce Solution catered to the clients. The infrastructure management Ecommerce Solution is designed keeping in mind the key challenges faced in areas of managing and controlling IT infrastructure at the center and building services and Ecommerce Solutions around them. These Ecommerce Solution is designed through the Right processes, Right people, and using the Right tools and technology.

All customer concerns and challenges are managed at each layer within an Enterprise's Infrastructure Technology stack including Desktops Servers, Networks, Security etc and deliver service offerings most suited to specific requirements keeping organization wide context also into consideration. The modular approach allows tailoring services precisely to the long-term needs. These infrastructure management Ecommerce Solutions are brought with a right mix of offshore and onsite delivery methodologies to achieve your business objectives. The end-to-end service offerings and Ecommerce Solution right from consulting, design to deploy or manage are all attainable at

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