Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ecommerce Techwave Offers Create Online Store Customer Module- Create Online Store Comes with SEO Benefits

Create Online Store, Online Store Builder, Free Create Store Ecommerce Techwave, the ecommerce venture with the Shopping Cart Software and the ‘Create Online Store’ feature incorporates the customer module to take better advantage of the store created. Storeowners can take into account customer information in a better-articulated manner with the edit, add and view all option to check and know more about the customers of the user’s store built through the ‘Create Online Store’ and can actively take part in search engine optimization procedures for a more search engine friendly e-store. Along with it, store masters can now put into use the multifunctional Shopping Cart Software.

"Our team for expert minds has the experience that shows, as business gets automated for you with Create Online Store and Shopping Cart Software." Said, Andy Anand, Vice President, He further adds to it, "In automating business, Ecommerce most important elements are taken into consideration. One important attribute of the ‘Create Online Store’ with Shopping Cart Software is to manage customer details for future references and to keep note of the orders that are already shipped for them and those remaining. This in a way leads to more reliability of services through the ‘Create Online Store’ and accuracy leading to ultimate customer satisfaction. SEO marketing and promotion is one of the chief feature as presented by the ‘Create Online Store’ of Ecommerce.techwave with characteristics like setting default Title tags, Meta tags and Meta Description in different forms. Since the newly created website along with the Shopping Cart Software, get optimized it becomes search engine friendly and eventually has a good standing in the Google page rank. The Create Online Store with Shopping Cart Software will optimize the keywords on your site with unique product display."

Valuable Reference is a prerequisite for modern ecommerce to get going more fruitfully with its ‘Create Online Store’ feature with Shopping Cart Software. The Create Online Store with Shopping Cart Software is readily available at ecommerce.techwave with advanced Website Hosting Product, Sales management, Inventory Management, Store Design & Configuration with easy-to-use site setup. More is included in the Shopping Cart Software and ‘Create Online Store’ design wizards, extended pre-designed themes, color templates, Shopping Cart Software and above all SEO Friendly Static HTML Pages as provided in the ‘Create Online Store’ with 100% dynamic product and category pages and the robots.txt file upload functionality.

More insights on Create Online Store software and the Shopping Cart Software accessible at and store creation at

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