Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Application Development, Integration and Online Shopping Cart- What Are The Core Features?

What lies in its core is of paramount importance as it defines its very existence. What I am referring here is the application development process and online shopping cart and the integration taking place for both functional and non-functional e-businesses. There are solutions to get your application running in minutes with e-store creation for existing and new businesses. Reliable application development revolves around a software product involving structured process of programming and getting it running and removing the bottlenecks that might hamper its functionality. The use of application has shown a considerable increase in the demand for development services and online shopping cart for their stores. Application development services include development processes crossing platforms, languages and devices for businesses of all sizes.
The core features of application development, integrations done and core features of the online shopping cart are given below:-

Application Development

  • Well defined application development processes
  • Different platforms, languages and devices for businesses of all sizes.
  • Business case analysis
  • Multi tier architecture and software environment
  • Cross platform application development services bound by CSR
  • SLA framework with the critical level (CSL)
  • Process phase stacked with web-based tools
  • Quality processes and integration
  • Ad campaign module


  • Custom online shopping cart integration
  • Single Click and ‘Add to Button’ feature
  • Media Gallery
  • HTTPS/SSL support
  • Global web controls
  • Real time web statistics and UPS integration

Online Shopping Cart

  • Custom package with integrated modules to benefit the user with unique product display, unlimited categories, set permission for users, inventory management, faster checkout and secure payment gateway solutions
  • Integrated account, application development
  • Multiple product upload and shopping list of processed and new orders
  • Unique code generator and single click add option
  • Vendor management and address book functionality
  • Back-end management and separate admin area
  • Invoice generation and management
  • Quick Book Integration
  • CRM Solutions
  • SEO analysis for all live online store to ensure maximum traffic

The best core features of online shopping cart and the package offer various integration modules designed for user benefits to have cost effective and profit oriented e-stores and setting feature. Leading business therefore assures that these core features with more add-ons for applications, online shopping cart and integration will not only streamline the online shopping experience but make it more advantageous for those eager to sell online with custom core features available to them at an affordable package price for the shopping cart, integrated modules and applications.

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