Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wholesale Distribution and Inventory Management Software Launched at

online shopping cart, free shopping cart, shopping cart software Techwave brings in advanced warehouse distribution and inventory management software along with ERP software adaptable to automated business styles and latest concepts that meet up with customer demands., the Californian e-commerce company caters to e-business needs with inbuilt wholesale distribution and inventory management software making e-business a fine job to do. Techwave.Com has now launched the software that is totally designed for companies to which it caters and is therefore customized according to individual processes and needs. With experienced team backing, systems are designed and software development takes place in 6 weeks with the flexibility of devoting longer periods depending upon the needs of the clientele. Designed in .Net and Oracle as database with the world leading distribution companies, the software can be loaded and hosted on servers with world wide access by the team working on it. has the much needed distribution and manufacturing e-commerce solutions for over 20 years serving customers in around 44 countries.

The Vice president,, MR Andy Anand, brings into light the benefits of this recently launched software and says, "The instinctive warehouse management software and the inventory management software program enable our clients to use the expenditure of the warehouse thereby saving the cost that is incurred in excess inventory on hand. Both management systems ensure that you have what you need, when you need it, to meet customer needs as well as market expectations. In addition to our high performance distribution software, software consulting and training is provided with which we deliver measurable value and tangible results to our clients." provides with ERP software with better perspective of the supply chain processes top-ranked by AMR Research team. Wholesale distribution software as part of the integrated supply chain management system is designed with the distribution executive in mind with ERP software that is powerful equipped with modern sales and logistics system which incorporates the latest concepts and business processes along with the shopping cart software solutions. The warehouse distribution software creates and links purchase orders that meets with customer's demand without the need of additional warehouses. Investment can be done in relation to the warehouse space and inventory and that too according to customer’s need. Upgrade with the warehouse distribution management system with distribution ERP software enhanced by the wholesale distribution software with full access to inventories which is the perfect solution catered to at with reports that are customized for managerial use. is therefore worth a visit for a full analysis of software features and functionality and shipping management features.

Techwave.Com is a California based company dealing in the development of websites for profitable e-commerce solutions. E-business is now exercised with new automated business styles that have proven themselves as a landmark in the e-commerce world making clients to move ahead with new business styles in half the time than expected.

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