Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Inventory Management Solutions with the Online Shopping Cart and Quality E-commerce Hosting Now at, the e-commerce solution provider in with the most sophisticated inventory management solutions with more than 700 satisfied online customers. As part of the advanced e-commerce solution, the inventory management procedure generates automatic emails to the vendors for the purchase order that is PO to the vendor. The product alert bestseller report allows all new products to carry the new graphic, like product, item, customer, category, size and color with chart.

Mr. Andy Anand for gives us more information of the complete inventory management e-commerce solution. He further adds to it and says, "Customized stock reports show actual quantity in stock or what is out of stock etc. The back end enables the sale representatives to know how much commission he will get for each product. An individual page has its complete in-depth sales report along with a combine one which relates to the whole site."’s online shopping cart software gives the forecast for the quarter, semi quarter and the yearly profit status on the basis of the present sales. As one of the processes of inventory management there is provision of plus bar code technology for automated inventory control of multiple product option combinations.

Techwave is into reliable E-Commerce Hosting with advanced data import and export capabilities with the ability to import any spreadsheet or database. The data centers takes care of the daily backups with 24/7 monitoring and live chat online. More insights on this and on other e-commerce solutions are available at, a Californian e-commerce solution provider, outwits the others in the run for bringing in a total customized e-commerce solution. It has the most revolutionized inventory management and provides with e-commerce hosting that serves fruitful in the long run with greater returns. Visit for more information at

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