Monday, July 5, 2010

Ecommerce Techwave Introduced Revolutionized eBay Marketplace and a Free Shopping Cart Integrated with Enhanced Marketing Options

Free Shopping Cart, Ecommerce Solutions Ecommerce Techwave brings in a Free Shopping Cart version with marketing options to deal with the marketing needs by its latest offer that comes with a fully featured developer’s Free Shopping Cart for a recognizable much valued position in the World Wide Web. There are value added marketing ecommerce solutions that provides with a respectable ranking in search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Along with it there is the profitable eBay integration to revolutionize the assorted marketplace that proves to the world with its large enough market for selling almost anything with specialty sites to access and the feasibility to view, sell and bid items listed online via eBay. All this and more along with the download of a Free Shopping Cart software.

"Its something totally revolutionized for our online business minded people out there. The one for your intangibles and to auction off services as well. Thanks to eBay and for integrating Techwave storefront created online with eBay stores for world wide listing of the items to be sold. We therefore, provide our most privileged client and customer to be at one place to sell and buy products. eBay integration at is an all together beneficial feature to bring together the buyers and sellers internationally with multi-international companies such as IBM selling the latest products and services using competitive auctions and fixed-priced seller stores." As told by the CEO, Ecommerce Techwave, in a recent press meet.

Ecommerce development team has the experience of automating eBay elements comprising of product listing with best offer showcase, retrieving latest listing as given in eBay and third party listing as well. The eBay integration with the Free Shopping Cart also allows regional access and searches made into the database for quick and less expensive shipping. Everybody collaborating with is therefore invited to take part in the integration process as part of the Free Shopping Cart provided.

Additionally, with every download of a free version of the developers Free Shopping Cart there is more to benefit out of it. There are enhanced marketing options available with the Free Shopping Cart enabling search engine optimization, product listing, viral marketing, keyword generation and content modification with keyword inclusion, dynamically generated HTML pages, customized checkout, discounting, reporting and updating facility.

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