Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ecommerce Techwave Announces SugarCRM Integration and a Free Shopping Cart and Multiple Payment Methods

Free Shopping Cart, Ecommerce Solutions E-businesses can now have the benefit of organizing and keeping track of people, companies and sales opportunities as Ecommerce.techwave.com launches SugarCRM that integrates with e-businesses across the globe. With it comes the free shopping cart with fast checkout for online business to succeed beyond limits with multiple payment methods, Google check out, PayPal IPN integration, unique vendor management procedures, Tax calculation System, Currency Convertor and Tax-Exempt feature and easy way for customer's to pay via PayPal and over 42 integrated payment gateways thereby enabling easy checkout.

As said by the CEO of Ecommerce Techwave, "We excel in business through the most simplified and customized version of the free shopping cart with multiple payment methods and with it Ecommerce.techwave.com now lets you organize and share customer information, measure and report across company and analyze and collaborate with customers and employees more easily by integrating business with SugarCRM system. When managing customers in spreadsheets and email becomes too difficult, Sugar simplifies how your company organizes and tracks people, companies and sales opportunities. With a single line of truth, you can be more productive and can focus on what really matters i.e. creating and retaining customers. Is your CRM system built for the Web? Is it flexible to respond to your changing business? Answers to these and many more only through our integrated CRM software with a free shopping cart suiting critical business objectives at Ecommerce Techwave."

As per valuable sources, with SugarCRM companies gain insights across marketing, sales and support so that everyone is working towards common goals. As the first CRM system offered along with the download of free shopping cart, SugarCRM unlocks information trapped in email and on desktops and ensures that every employee is on the same page. CRM is most powerful when it encompasses not only employees, but partners and customers as well. SugarCRM offers feasibility to organize and share customer information and by and large an award-winning applications offering a single system of truth for managing customer interactions across different lines of business like reporting, marketing automation, sales force automation, customer support, collaboration and platform and has a free shopping cart with multiple payment methods with PayPal IPN integration.

More insights at http://ecommerce.techwave.com

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