Friday, August 6, 2010

Ecommerce Techwave Presents Create Online Store Feature with Integrated Ecommerce Solutions and Search Engine Optimization

Ecommerce Techwave, the one known for high performance e-commerce solution, introduces full advantage integrated solutions and search engine optimization feature with free shopping cart available with the store created in less that a minute and functional in few minutes. The create online store feature of this Californian company owned website, enable users to put into use self defined title, Meta tags and Meta Description for the Product & Categories and also use integrated Inventory solutions and benefit out of the Customized Shopping cart Integration, Order Manager Integration, Payment Gateway Integration, Shipping Integration and Integrated Helpdesk Services. The SEO feature is something new that is creating quite a steer making e-business known to the virtual world with simple generation procedure and customization options available.

Online Store Builder, Create Online Store
Online Store Builder with Inventory Solutions

"It’s true to it’s very self that Techwave Ecommerce has customized ecommerce solutions integrated with create online store feature. The online shopping cart is readily available for your e-store integrated with advanced SEO features for full online exposure and higher returns. The Search engine optimization feature that you get along with create online store option has the unique Robots.txt file upload feature to control the navigation of search engine crawlers and more to add onto for full search engine optimization with tips available to make it even more better as you get to use the create online store feature.” Says, Andy Anand, Vice President, Ecommerce Techwave.

As is claimed by the optimizers at, "With the SEO Friendly feature offered along with the create online store, it turns all of the store categories and product pages into ".htm" files keeping them 100% dynamic and therefore mitigating the possibility of re-generating static html pages. The pages remain up-to-date and the ".htm" static pages with no querystring and no question mark hence making it easy for search engines to crawl."

The integrated inventory solutions are met just as the ‘create online store’ feature is opted for. The inventory solutions of the create online store is inclusive of the category display to add new categories and search existing ones, to add new products, set attributes and edit the product display chart with the retail and wholesale price including the bestseller and new arrival product column to customize accordingly.

The integrated solutions including the inventory solutions and the SEO tools are built into the software with users making it sure to utilize them to their full advantage with the ROI Tracker built into the online store builder to track advertising & marketing efforts.

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